Sunday, June 2, 2019

We're putting screen around the patio

Mom had a birthday! She had to tell me because, well, dogs aren't real good with dates. I don't even remember my own birthday. Mom has to tell me that, too. She got a lot of greeting cards from people I don't know, but the one that made her happiest was from Cousin Linda. Cousin Linda never forgets Mom's birthday and Mom never forgets her birthday, either. 

Mom and I are a team. I've been helping her clean out Jack's garage. When she goes over to do some work, I ride with her in the pickup. My job is to keep her company and listen quietly when she says a lot of very bad words about the hoard of junk. I mostly sit in the truck and watch her work, but keeping out of her way is an important job, too. Once the pickup is loaded, I ride to the landfill with her. 

Cousin Dave has been helping, too. Mom says he's the brawn to her brain. He took a bunch of old, rusty cabinets to be recycled and cut up some pressboard cabinets so they could go in the dumpster at the landfill. Those will decompose, whatever that means. He put new belts on the mower Mom uses, too. Mom doesn't like Dad's mower because it doesn't have brakes, just funky handlebars. 

I'm not sure I understand the whole landfill thing. It seems like Mom is glad to have a place to dump all the junk, but really upset it has to go there. It's confusing to a dog. Like how does Mom know what goes on the metal only pile? And how does she know where to take the plastic items? Mom knows a lot of stuff!

Mom works hard taking care of me so I'm really, really, really happy she did something for herself for her birthday. She called Cousin Chris and he's putting screens all around the patio to keep the bugs out. I like that idea! It will be wonderful to be able to sit on the patio and not have one of those nasty big bumblebees dive bomb my head. Good idea, Mom! 

Have you ever seen those big bumblebees? They're huge! 

The downside is I can't just stroll out wherever I want. I have to go through the special panels with the screen curtains. They have magnets to keep them closed. It's easy-peasy. Just keep walking and they part. There's one on each side, special for me!

Once the screens are installed, Mom wants to paint the trim. I heard her and Dad talking about it and Dad said she had to wait until the wood cured a little more. Mom rolled her eyes and I know what that meant - she already knew that. 

Mom just finished her coffee and I know what that means. It's time to start our day. I'm not sure what Mom has planned, but I'm Deuce! I'm her right-paw guy and I'll be beside her every step of the way!