Saturday, January 30, 2021

I did my best to be charming, and it worked!

No doubt about it, I'm a good dog. Mom and Dad tell me that all the time - every day, in fact! Sometimes I can be a bit bratty, but they don't mind. I think they just want me to be me. I'm down with that!

It's January and that means it's been really cold. Dad says we're going to get snow soon. He says we'll probably have snow on the ground when we wake up tomorrow. I hope I can sleep but I might get too excited. That could be bad. If I just doze and get too restless, then Mom wakes up and that's not a good thing. Mom doesn't like to be awake at 3:00 AM. 

Since it's going to snow... gee, I hope Dad is wrong about that. If it snows, Mom won't want to go for a long walk like we took today. We had fun today. Sure, it was cold, but Mom put on her long coat, a knit hat and gloves, and off we went. 

We didn't get far at all before we spotted Cousin Dave outside with that little heathen Sadie. She was misbehaving and not responding when Cousin Dave told her to come. She's really young and that's why she's just a nutter. Did I tell you she jumps all over me when she sees me? She does! And her paws are cold! Anyway, Mom told me to come, sit, and stay, so of course, I did. I sat at Mom's feet until Sadie did what she had to do and they went inside. Yep. I got snackies for that! 

Once they were inside, Mom and I continued our walk. We met two people walking on our trail, and then a guy on a bicycle. We were surprised to see people on our trail today because it was cold. Maybe they thought the same thing Mom did, that they'd better get outside before it snows. 

The guy on the bike said I was a good dog because I sat beside Mom until he passed. Once he was gone, Mom agreed! 

So if I'm so good, why wasn't Mom getting me a snackie out of her pocket? I thought I'd better ask, so I stared at her. She kept messing with her glove like she didn't get the message. So I offered up a paw and she took my picture. That's when I figured it out. Pictures and snackies don't happen with gloves on. 

I'm Deuce! I told you I'm a smart dog! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's my birthday! I'm five!

Today is my birthday! I'm five years old! 

Is that old? Mom says "not really." What the squeaky-toy does that mean? Am I old or not?

I don't feel old. I feel pretty good. I felt a lot older when I hurt my cruciate tendon, but Mom got the right medicines for me and everything is good to go as long as I don't overdo it. Mom is pretty careful to make sure I don't. 

But come to think of it, sleeping on the big bed does feel better than sleeping on the floor. I don't think I've always felt that way. I used to think I had to be on the floor at Mom's feet when she works in her office, but I can see her just fine from the big bed. So it makes sense to sleep on the soft bed, right? 

Mom and Dad wanted a video of me to help them remember me at age five. Humans must really have trouble remembering as they get older. Will I get like that? I'd hate to forget how to play ball, or how to behave. And what if I forget how to listen to Dad? He needs me, you know. My job is to look out for him when Mom's not home. 

Maybe this being five isn't all it's cracked up to be. I guess I'll have to do like Mom says and take it one day at a time. Until then, maybe Dad will take me out and we can play ball again! That would be a swell birthday present! 


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Mom had all my blogs put together

 I learned that we've been blogging together for almost five years. That's like my whole life! It's a pretty cool way for me and Mom to remember the important things we've done together. And the fun stuff, too!

Understanding how it all works is Mom's job. I just get to be me and we like it that way. Mom's a writer and she gets to be herself when she blogs. Dad's job is to reason things out and tell us which end of which cable goes in which slot to make the television work. Loki's job is to catch vermin. 

Okay. Now Mom is staring at me so I need to get serious. My job is to look out for Mom and Dad, especially on a walk.

I'd better get back on topic so I can get a snackie when we're finished blogging.

We started Deuce's Day to record my life. Mom says I'm probably the only dog she'll have all her memories of recorded. Mom talked about her other dogs, the ones that came before me, over at her writing blog. Some of it is pretty sad but sometimes a dog's life is sad. 

Anyway, Mom went to this place online called Blog to Print and they put all my blogs through the end of 2020 into one .pdf for only $10! Now we don't have to worry about losing the history of everything we've done together. 

Mom and Dad told me we've started a new year. It doesn't feel any different. My birthday is coming up and I'll be five. Time really does fly when you're having fun! 

Time flies when we go for a walk, too. What do you say, Mom? Think we can get outside today?