Monday, May 2, 2022

Not again!

Cousin Dave... I love Cousin Dave! He looks out for me all the time! And he always tells me I'm a good dog, too!

Where was I? 

Oh, yeah. Cousin Dave had to go to a visitation, and he asked Mom if Sadie could come up and stay with us while he was gone. Mom didn't ask me, she just said "sure!" 

Really, Mom. You could've asked me first, you know. Sadie makes me nervous. She jumps all over me and you know I don't like that. What's a guy to do? Cousin Dave looked out for me when Dad was in the hospital, so of course, Mom had to look out for Sadie. I do get it. 

So Sadie came up and she was all excited to be here. She went round and round and round until I had to show her my excellent teeth. I didn't snap at her or anything, but she saw my lip curl up and she stopped making me dizzy. 

We had a little chat, and then everything was okay. I stretched out beside Dad's chair and we touched noses, and then Sadie went over and sat on the other side of Mom's chair. 

I think Sadie is finally growing up. She didn't jump on me - not once! That's so much better than before when she'd paw at my face. I don't like that. But this was fine. Well, until she sniffed my rump. That was rude, but I smacked her with my tail so she might not do that again. 

Cousin Dave came and got her and they walked home. I guess it'll be fine if Sadie comes to visit again. And maybe we'll go on walks together this summer. Heck, I might even like if she plays in the water with me. We'll have to see how that goes. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Ok, so it's neat


Mom decided she'd better go through the papers on her credenza. She had to scan and then shred a few papers, go through some old receipts she kept in case she needed to return anything, and file a couple of things. It's all stuff she has to do to keep the Manor running smoothly. BUT... do you see what I see? 

Look closer at the picture. 

There are TWO clear glass antique canning jars on Mom's credenza. 

And they are EMPTY. 

They should be full of MY treats! 

What gives, Mom? Why are the treat jars empty? Don't you love little Deucie any longer? Was I bad?

No. I was not bad. You always tell me I'm a GOOD DOG! So why no treats in the jar, hmm? 

I don't know about this whole retirement thing. Mom says she'll be here to take care of me every day. That we'll be able to go on long walks and play in all the creeks. She can go to the store whenever she wants to make sure we don't run out of stuff. 

So... why no treats in my jars? 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

I think I'm missing something

I'm confused. Mom was home a lot for a while, and we got to spend a lot of time together. Now she's gone back to going to her office in town every day. What's a protégé, and why does Mom need to spend time with her? Mom should be spending time with ME! 

Mom told me she only has to leave me and Dad 20 more times to go to her town office. TWENTY!! That's an awful lot! At least I think it is, but I'm a dog and sometimes we dogs don't count very accurately. But it seems like a lot! 

I really want Mom to be home with me and Dad so we can go on long walks together. I love, love, love to walk on the trails and splash around in the creek. It's a lot of fun for a Lab (that's me) and Mom and Dad like to watch me have fun. 

Of course, when Mom is home, Dad and I will lose some nap time unless we can convince Mom that naps are a vital part of our day. I bet if I hopped on the bed in the middle of the afternoon, Mom would join me. I'll have to try and remember to do that. 

I'll have to watch Mom and Dad pretty closely the next few weeks until whatever is going on gets resolved. Dogs don't like a lot of schedule changes, at least the smart ones don't. 

I'm Deuce and I'm pretty smart. I know how to observe my parents and figure them out. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Is it spring yet?


Mom and Dad told me it's spring. I think they lied to me. It was only 21F when we got out of bed this morning. Do you know how cold that is on my bare paws? It's COLD!

And boy, did the wind blow! And it snowed! The parents called it a snow squall but snow is snow and snow is cold. Sure, it melted really fast, but I feel very lucky I don't have to live outside in a squall. Some dogs do, you know. People, too. It makes me sad.

Mom tells me not to worry, that I'll always have a warm place to sleep. I wonder if Mom and Dad have room for just one more dog that needs a home. Our den is sorta small, but we could probably squeeze in together. I'll have to talk to Dad about that and see what he says. 

We did a daffodil check around the yard on Saturday. At least, I think it was Saturday. I'm a dog and I get confused by the days sometimes. Mom and I went all around so she could video the daffodils. I don't care much about them, but they make Mom happy,

I sure hope the cold weather blows out of here soon. We've only been on a couple of long walks so far this year and I'm itching to get going! Every time Mom stands up, so do I. I'm not going to let her get out the door without me. No way. I'm too quick for that to happen.

I guess I'll just have to be a bored couch potato pup a little while longer. 

Is it really spring yet?

Saturday, March 12, 2022

For no reason at all

Mom is a little nuts sometimes. The other day we were relaxing in the living room with Dad, and she made me get up. And I was comfy, too. 

Anyway, I got up to see what she wanted and she took my picture. 'Good one!' she told me. 

But why? I don't get it. She has a BIG folder full of pictures of 'lil 'ol me. I'm not kidding. 

Was a snackie involved? Nooooo. 

Turns out, she just wanted a picture of how I looked today. 

Mom is a little nuts sometimes. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Double for pancakes!


Mom. Dad.

Remember when I told you I'd snatch a donut one day? A whole donut? All for me! Well, it goes double for a stack of pancakes.

Pancakes! I love pancakes!

What do you mean I had a whole pancake with butter on it? I do not remember that. 

You'd better keep an eye on your plate.

Don't say you weren't warned. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Mom has a dealer?

Last night after we went to bed, Mom told me I should be a happy dog because we now have a dealer. 


I watch television with Dad and I thought having a dealer was a bad thing, so why was Mom happy?

It turns out Mom has a new BEEF dealer and has put her name in for a quarter of beef next year. 

BEEF? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BEEF! STEAK IS BEEF! Oh, Mom loves me so much!!!

Then again, it will be about a year until we get it. A year. That's a long time. I'll be seven years old by then. What if my teeth are gone? What if I forget how delicious steak is? A lot of things can happen in a year. I think it would be better if we have steak NOW. 

What do ya say, Mom? Can we have steak this weekend? Maybe steak and a chuck roast? Have I ever had a rump round? I see it on that picture and it looks like something I would love, love, love. 

I'm Deuce. Don't think for a moment I'm going to forget about this. 


Sunday, January 30, 2022

It's not a good thing, Loki

I have a cat named Loki. At least Mom says he belongs to me. He came here as a little kitten, which was fine, but then he grew up. 

I've tried to be kind to him. Honest. But he's just not friendly. He jumps at me and bats at my face and I do not like that. I don't know what to do about him.

He used to sleep on MY bed and I really didn't like that. Mom would move her feet and he'd attack them and I would be the one to get kicked. I did not like that. 

Loki is not too bright. He wants to go outside at night when it's too cold to be out. I'm smart enough to zip out, do what I need to do, and zip back in, but not him. He goes to the back door and begs Dad to go out so Dad opens the door for him. Then Loki runs around the house to the sunroom, which is Mom's office, and screeches at the door to be let back in. So of course, Mom opens the door for him. Half an hour later, he's back outside! He's mental!

This afternoon Mom sat down at her desk and there he was, sleeping on the floor in front of her desk chair.

I can tell you, from my own experience, that sleeping under the desk where Mom can roll her chair over you is not too smart. I've had the chair roll over my paw and my tail and I did not like it much. Not only will it scare the yelps out of you, but it also hurts! 

I'm Deuce, and I'm a good dog, but I think I'll mind my own business this time. Mom will just have to take care of it. Loki won't smack her in the face. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

It was a short walk-about - my toes got cold

Saturday afternoons are generally pretty quiet around here when it's cold outside. That idiot cat Loki will go outside and stay outside in twenty-degree weather, but I'm Deuce and I'm smarter than that. Nevertheless... how's that for me learning a big word? Pretty good, huh?  Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Mom asked if I needed to go outside and I did so we went. I didn't realize right away she took her phone with her. I don't mind being videoed. I get it. Mom and Dad want to keep their memories of me for after I pass on. 

It was really cold! Right away my little toes curled up. Even Pinkie sort of stayed in when I went to pee-pee. It was cold!

Me and Mom walked out the lane a bit and it was icy. Mom had to walk over in the snow so she didn't slip. I was careful not to run, too. 

I liked getting outside even for just a few minutes, but I sure hope it warms up soon. I need to go for a real walk and that's not going to happen until the snow melts. In the meanwhile, I'll just have to deal with cold paws. 

Oh, yeah. Here's the link to the video Mom made.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

This is getting old -the snow, not me

This snow thing is getting old. The snow, not me. Okay, so I'm SIX now, but that's not old, even in dog years. 

The thing is we had snow last weekend and that was fine. Mom and I got to play some and it was all good. But this morning I'm feeling grumpy. The snow was cold on my paws and I just didn't need to, you know, pee-pee all that bad so I was not stepping off the walk.

Does that make me a bad dog? Mom didn't say that. She just laughed and took a short video. 

I'm sooooo glad I can amuse Mom on a daily basis