Saturday, December 29, 2018

Run, Run, Rudolf!

I got two of the best Christmas presents ever! Dad got to come home after his surgery AND I caught Rudolf the Reindeer!  Well, Dad found him somewhere and Mom said I could have him but they told me I could pretend I caught a deer. I sort chewed his red nose off and then tore out his brains but Mom said it was alright. 

Aunt Doll was here when the stuffing started to come out. She played along with me. It was a lot of fun until Mom said Rudolf was officially "dead" and put him in the trash.

I'm really glad Dad is home. Mom and I missed him. Sure, I got to sleep on his side of the bed and I didn't have to move, but that was only really fun the first night. I don't like it when our pack isn't together. I gave him the cold shoulder at first so he'd know it was not okay he was gone but Mom reminded me it wasn't his fault. So I made up with him. 

Dad slept in his chair last night but at least he was here in the house with us. He has to wear this nasty looking hard plastic collar until his neck heals. It's a lot of extra work for Mom. She has to change the dressings on his incision and help him get dressed. I think she'll have to give him a bath the way she gives me a bath - climb in with him. I don't think she's going to like that. Mom and Dad never shower together. Mom likes to have the bathroom to herself. I think I'll watch because it should be interesting. 

Mom told me Christmas is over and New Year's Eve is just a few nights away. I remember New Year's Eve. People around here go crazy. They shoot shotguns and blow car horns and just make a lot of noise. People can be strange. 

But maybe the best part is Mom is going to bake a ham on New Year's Eve. I love ham! What a way to close out the year! I bet we'll have something with ham in it on New Year's Day, too. Mom's frugal that way. 

Just in case I don't have time to blog again this year, have a happy and safe New Year's. When you go out, remember some of your pack members are home waiting on you. They need you so don't be stupid, okay?  Be the whole pack in 2019. That's the best way. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

I went to work with Mom today

Dad has been in the hospital in a place called Baltimore. It's been boring for me. I've been home alone some and I don't like it much. The upside is Cousin Dave has been looking out for me while Mom takes care of Dad and goes to work. It's fun to spend some time with him. He gives me treats. Today was really special, though. I got to go to work with Mom!

Going to work with Mom is fun. It starts off with a ride in her car. I love her car! Mom doesn't drive fast when I'm in the back so I get to look all around. When we got there, I peed on a bush. Mom laughed but I don't know why. 

Maybe she hoped I'd kill it because she doesn't like the bushes. She once told Dad there are nasty people who use those bushes for drug drops and her employer won't cut them down even though the security cameras have recorded videos. I think Mom should retire and be with me all day. Anyway...

Mom took an old Frisbee along so I'd have something to play with. I was a bit uneasy with all the people who came into her office. They all wanted to touch my Frisbee and I did not like that. 

Mom was working but I'm not sure anyone else was. But most of the time it was just me and Mom. Mom talked to her computer and I chewed on the Frisbee. It was okay but I was really glad when Mom said it was time to go home. 

We had to make a run for the car. It was really raining! Mom opened the back door for me and I jumped too fast and hit my nose. That hurt! Mom laughed at me. That hurt, too, but I earned it. 

It was a fun day but home really is where the heart is. I'm soooo glad I can curl up on the couch with Mom tonight and watch a little TV. It would be better if Dad was here, but he has to stay at the rehab place for a little while. 

He'll be home soon but until then I'll sleep with my head on his pillow. And maybe I'll get to go to work with Mom again. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Really, Mom?

It's gotten really cold outside, so cold that Mom can't go out without a coat. I have to stand at the door and wait for her until she's got on a coat and gloves. I hate to wait!

Cold weather cuts into my walk time, too. My paws are pretty tough but the ground is freezing. Mom knows this and she pays attention. I must do something that signals her my tootsies have had enough because she seems to know just the right moment to turn around and head home. We had a dusting of snow the other morning. That was really cold on my paws but I liked it. 

Mom and I get bored when it's cold outside. We were out of bed at our usual time and I went out by myself to tinkle. That's all good. But Mom won't take a cup of coffee to the porch or patio when it's this cold. I sit at the door in Mom's office and look out, but it's not the same as being outside and able to smell the breeze. Plus, that skanky Loki comes pussy-footing along and sits beside me. He doesn't help me keep an eye on the neighborhood. He's too busy washing his paws to be of any use. 

This morning, Mom set the jar of Grillers on her desk. I love Grillers! They're the best!  Anyway, she gave me a few bites - she always breaks them into pieces so I get to taste them - and then she closed the jar. But I could see it. I could see there were more Grillers inside! So I sniffed the jar and do you know what she did? She took my picture. Mom set me up!

Really, Mom? I'm Deuce and I know what you did. We can be friends again if you give me another Griller.