Thursday, December 28, 2023

We had a lot going on!

Mom was going to blog for me first thing this morning, but her computer did something really wonky. She was not happy. She got all these messages about a recovery assist and stuff - she really wasn't happy. Finally, after about two hours, the computer came back to life. Mom spent the day making sure she had all her documents, pictures, music, and videos backed up instead of being with me. 

I don't like computers. Then again, Mom made sure all the pictures of me were safe, so maybe I'll think about that a bit more. 

It seems like we get really busy sometimes. I was on guard duty a lot in December. Mom and Dad went up to Aunt Donna's and I watched the house. Twice! And Mom left me in charge when she went and had lunch with her friends a couple of times. I like being home with Dad. It's like the good old days when Mom worked. I get a lot of snackies when Mom isn't here. 

And then Dad got sick. That wasn't any fun at all. He coughed a lot and slept in his chair. And his stomach was so upset he didn't want to eat and me and Mom didn't like that. He's better now.

I got to ride along with Mom to the landfill twice, but I couldn't go with her when the pickup got an oil change. Dogs aren't allowed at the garage. Then on Christmas Eve we took a drive to see the Christmas lights. That was okay, I guess. Mom was disappointed because there wasn't very many, but I was happy I DID NOT see a blow-up Santa on a roof. That would give a good dog chills! 

Mom worked in the woodyard when the days were warm. I love being outside when she's doing that! I can sniff everything! Well, not the skunk. I hope I don't ever run into him, but I could tell a lot of deer were hanging around the woodpiles. 

I helped Mom work on two stories, too. She doesn't know it, but I really don't help. I nap on the bed where I can keep an eye on her while she works. She has this bad habit of sneaking out the sunroom door without me, so I have to be alert. I'm on to her tricks.  

Mom roasted a turkey for Christmas dinner. Yum!! I love giblets! I saw blue foil in the fridge and I know that means ham in a few days. Ham is good, too. Oh, and we had steak one night! Super yummy!!

Mom and Dad say this year is about over. I'll be eight soon. But you know what? The only time that matters is the time today, right now. So I just try to live in the moment and remember not to bite anyone, or bark in Mom or Dad's ears. I've always been pretty smart that way. 

New Year's Eve is coming and there's talk about a big ball again. Maybe it'll be better than the ball last year. That was a real bust. How's a good dog supposed to play with that thing? 

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Saturday, November 18, 2023

It is so funny!

I guess I'm a baaaaad dog. Do dogs snicker? I do.

Do dogs get amused by their housemates? I do. 

It rained last night, so first thing this morning, the grass was wet. Okay, not my favorite thing to have to get my paws wet in order to take care of my morning, you know, business, but I can deal with it. 

Can Loki deal with it? Oh, not so much! 

He sat on the porch and looked disgusted. 

It was GREAT!!!!

I'm a baaaaad dog and I do not care!  

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Friday, October 27, 2023

I knew this guy was out there

Mom replaced the trail cam and we're having fun with it. The old one started to smoke when Mom replaced the batteries and she worried it might catch fire and burn down our trees, so she tossed it. The new one is better because it takes color pictures in daylight. I always go along and help retrieve the SD card because, hey - I'm a Labrador Retriever with champion bloodlines! I retrieve things!  

I've been telling Mom and Dad there are lots of deer in our woods at night. They do believe me. The only thing they say is I should use my inside voice late at night. 

Yeah, right. I have the biggest bark on the mountain and I'll use it when necessary. When this guy is traipsing around my backyard, it's necessary. 

I don't think I'm going to run after this buck. He's more the sort to stand his ground and that could be bad for little Deucie. I don't fancy being stuck by antlers. 

Hey, Dad! Is venison as good as beef? Why don't we check that out this year? We're not getting any younger, you know. 

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Sunday, October 15, 2023

I only got a little wet

It's really good to be a dog in the country! I can go for walks and not have to be on the leash, and I can play in the creek. It's not that I mind being on the leash. It's like a tangible connection to Mom, so it's okay. She can't get away from me when we're sharing the leash. And what Labrador Retriever worth his pedigree wouldn't like playing in the water? 

Mom really likes it when I jump in the creeks and splash around. She whoops and yells and tells me to "go for it" whatever that means. And she takes a lot of pictures of me. 

But the best part is I can just be a dog. Yeah, I'm still on watchdog duty in case someone else is on the trail, but I can relax and enjoy being on a walk. Mom knows this and lets me be me. All dogs need a good Mom like that. 

Just remember that even a good Mom (or Dad) is going to laugh at you if you stick your head under the water. And it's also a sure thing they will take your picture. 

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Friday, October 6, 2023

It was really noisy!

I like peace and quiet. I can hear lots of things rustling in the woods when it's quiet. I know when a squirrel gets too close to my den and when the deer are trying to sneak through the back yard. I'm Deuce. I hear everything.

But a few days ago, it got really noisy here. I didn't like this, but Mom and Dad acted like it was no big deal so I had to just put up with it. The tree-trimmer people were here and they made NOISE. 

I'm a little unclear why Mom and Dad thought it was okay to have them cut down a tree, make noise, make a mess, run a skid loader all over MY woods, and use this chipper thing to clean up the mess. I didn't like any of it, but hey. I'm the dog and they don't listen to me.

I stayed on the porch with Mom and Dad and watched until the chipping started. It hurt my ears so I ducked inside. I could still hear it but it wasn't as bad. When it was all over, I walked out with Mom and sniffed everything. 

You know what? It wasn't all that interesting to a dog. But Mom is right about one thing. The local squirrels are not going to be happy those trees are gone. 

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

I'm going on doggie strike!

It's dog abuse, that's what it is. I've only been on ONE car ride this whole month. It's not fair! Mom & Dad went to look at some stupid plaque and did your boy get to go along? Nooooo! And they went to some place called City Park to watch some stupid fireworks show that lasted a whole eleven minutes. Did I get to go? Nooooo! 

Okay. Mom did take me along when she went to the transfer station yesterday. I like doing that. Lots and lots of dogs get to ride along on the trash run. Us pups get to woof at each other, just saying hello. We're not allowed to get out of our vehicles right there. But that was yesterday, and Mom did not take me along two weeks ago when she took the trash to put in the big bin. 

And last Sunday when you burned the brush pile? Did little Deucie get to sit in the truck with you? No. I could have had a really nice nap by the fire, but noooo. You were even proud of leaving me inside with Dad. I won't forget this slight! 

And how long ago was it you blogged for me? Weeks!!!

Mom just reminded me I've had some really good Frisbee time this past week. Sure, Mom. Try and make your boy look ungrateful. Why don't you go weed whack along the creek, huh? It's getting a little overgrown down there. I might run into a snake, you know. That would not be fun. 

I'm going on strike! 

No more deer patrol! No more squirrel patrol! No more barking to let you know a delivery truck is coming in the lane! 

I want to go for a decent ride in the car and I want to go TODAY! 

Please, Mom? Please? 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The best way to cool off on a hot day?

 Make Dad take me to the creek, that's how! 

Sometimes I think Dad can read my mind! It was sooooooooooo hot today that I got TWO trips to the creek to cool off. Mom went along once and took a video of me ambling along. 

I mean, some days I really splash but did I mention it was hot today? I'm old enough to know not to exert myself in the heat. Dogs know these things.

Being able to cool off in the creek is great! I wish every dog could do it. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

SHE was here again, and I was on my best behavior

I had to babysit Sadie again. Her parents wanted to go see a Van Gogh exhibit or whatever, so Mom volunteered us to take care of Sadie. Why does she do that? I like my days to be full of whatever Mom and Dad are doing, and with HER here, nothing happens. In fact, the pack watched television the entire time SHE was here. Mom took us out to pee-pee and stuff, but boring. 

I'd had my day all planned out, too. Around dawn, I chase the deer out of the front yard, then watch over Mom as she gets her emails handled. Then we have breakfast and coffee, which means snackies for me. After that, we go outside and do garden stuff, or walk, and then it's chores. Once chores are done, I get to nap while Mom is at the computer again. That was MY plan, which Mom shot all to smithereens. None of my plan happened. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

I guess it wasn't all that bad, though. Sadie laid down and napped, so I did manage to snap a nap, too. Not my usual, but it had to do. Even though SHE wasn't too bad and didn't smack me in the face this time, I was glad to see Cousin Dave show up to take her home. Does that make me a bad dog? 

Mom and Dad praised me for being a good dog, so that settles it. DEUCE IS A GOOD DOG!!!!

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

It's too hot to play ball

This summer has been a scorcher! I'm getting by, but only because Dad takes me down to the creek every day so I can get my belly wet. And I'm not supposed to talk about Pinkie, but when Pinkie hits the water, I REALLY cool off. 

It's even been too hot to go for long walks since some of the smaller creeks are dry during the summer. Mom doesn't like it if I can't wade in, cool my paws, and get a drink. I don't like it, either. It's no wonder the deer come our way in the summer. We have water for them. 

Dad knows that even though it's hot, I like to play with him a little. I won't chase the ball too many times, but I'll give him a chance to make a couple of throws. 

Mom was over in the garden the other day and took a quick video of me chasing the ball and taking it back to Dad.

See how shiny my black fur is! I'm Deuce, and I'm looking good! 

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Loki is soooo annoying!

I'm in a spot of trouble and I don't know why. Just look at the smirky expression on Loki's face. He plays all innocent-like and Mom falls for his act. I know better. 

Mom says I have to play nice with Loki, but that cat is an IDIOT!!!!!  He jumps at me all the time and I don't like it. Mom says he's trying to play with me and that's just the way cats do it. 

I DO NOT CARE! I don't like being smacked in the face! Yes, he keeps his claws in. Yes, his little paws are furry and soft. It doesn't matter to me. I DO NOT LIKE IT!

And I'll tell you something even worse. Loki has begun to sleep on the bed with the pack every flufffing night! Even Mom doesn't like this because he sleeps ON her feet, but she says he's a cat and there is nothing we can do about it.


I'm Deuce, and we'll see about THAT!!!!

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Porch time!

Mom and Dad decided it was a cool enough day that they'd sit on the front porch for a little while. Right away I followed Mom out the door and took up a guard position.  I like to keep an eye on the driveway in case UPS shows up with my Farmer's Dog shipment. Even when watching, I keep my ears back to listen to Mom. I'm smart that way.

Being a good dog, I waited patiently for Dad to join us. I thought about getting myself a bumble bee, but Mom told me no, so I didn't. It was a close-run thing because they were all over the roses! If one of them would have divebombed me, all bets would have been off!  

My parents haven't been on the front porch too much this summer and I'm glad. It gets really hot out there during the day and waaaaay too buggy in the evening. But today was almost perfect.

Mom and I chatted for a bit, and then she told me to go check on Dad. I was going to run around the house to the back door, but I quick found out I could look through the storm door. 

Yep. There he was. He was just then going out the back door.

Mom said I was a handsome boy and she took a picture. 

Gee, Mom. I though you knew I was a good-looking fellow a long time ago. 

Anyway, we had a nice bit of porch time before Dad said he had things to do. Mom told me we could blog, but I told her to go ahead without me because I needed a nap. 

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Monday, July 17, 2023

In the garden with Mom

Sometimes Mom worries me. She gets these notions to do something odd and all I can do is follow along and keep an eye on her. Take today, for example.

Mom checks her garden every day, and this morning she harvested some cherry tomatoes and a handful of green beans. That wasn't so bad. I get that it's people food. But then Mom sat in the lawn chair she keeps in the garden and talked to me about her plans for next year's garden. She says talking to me helps her think. 

I do my best thinking when I'm not barking, but hey. Humans are strange. 

Mom wants to do a few things differently in her garden next year. I don't care. She's not growing me any steak so it's not important to me. But since I'm a good dog, I listened while she talked. 

I like Mom's voice so I guess it is kind of nice she talks to me, even if it's not about steak. 

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Friday, July 7, 2023

I need a bigger pool!

When I was a little guy, I had a pool. I loved it! It was perfect, and I always wondered what happened to it. Mom's been getting in her pool and she won't let me get in with her. I don't think that's fair. So I telepathically asked Mom what happened to my old pool - and she must have heard me! She found my old pool!

I must confess it's a bit of a disappointment. I remembered it as being a lot bigger. And deeper. I didn't know pools could shrink but this one sure did. I can barely get my toes wet!

Well, Mom and Dad discussed it and I may be getting a bigger pool. This is a good thing! What's not a good thing is that Mom thinks fifty bucks is a lot to spend on a pool for me and she might be correct. I mean, I really could decide I don't like the new pool. 

But I need something bigger than my puppy pool! I'm not really a puppy any longer! I'm all grown up! 

I haven't heard Mom say what she's going to do about the situation. I sure hope it's a good surprise for little Deucie! 

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Friday, June 23, 2023

It's raining and I'm sooooo bored!

Mom is wandering around the house saying, "rain, rain go away and come again some other day."

I feel ya Mom! This is day three of rain and this dog (me) is bored out of his little black skull. And what's worse is I took all three of my balls outside and Dad won't go get them. What gives, Dad? Don't you love little Deucie any longer? 

There has to be mail down in the mailbox, but neither parent will walk me down to get it. Mom won't even put me in the car and drive down because she doesn't want my wet paws on the seat. My paws are my paws! It's not my fault! 

And this morning I had to go outside to pee-pee all by myself! Mom didn't even come along and hold the umbrella over me. I do not like rain! 

Mom is all happy because her garden is getting a good soaking and is the grass. It makes no sense to me. The grass is going to grow and she and Dad will have to mow a lot. Mom says the bees have been on the clover enough and it's time for them to head to the garden. 

Yeah, I know I'm going in there with Mom now - not! 

I guess I'll go take a nap on the bed because there is nothing else to do. A bored dog is not a happy dog, and that's me today. 

Mom's right. Rain, rain, go away!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

I'm not sure about this "garden" thing

It rained all day Monday, and then it rained again this morning - and Mom was happy about it. I wasn't, not at all. Rain means little Deucie - that's ME - doesn't get to go for a walk. Apparently what is good for the garden is not good for me. 

And what is the big deal about the garden? I was out there with Mom not an hour ago and there is nothing in the garden for ME to eat. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Mom offered me a sugar snap pea and it was foul!  

Then, to top off that insult, Mom went on Twitter, said she'd found an odd tomato in the garden and posted a picture of ME!!!! 

Is this Deuce abuse? It sort of feels like it. Why can't Mom and Dad grow me a cow? Steak comes from a cow and I like steak. How difficult can it be? No, Mom grows green plants that even Dad isn't fond of. We need to gang up on her. What the hell is Purslane, anyway? That stuff excites her. She breaks off leaves and eats them on the spot. It doesn't smell good to me. 

I'm the Number One Dog around here, but you wouldn't know it by what growing in the garden. 

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A long ride in my van

I like it when Mom gets an idea! Well, to be fair, she had this idea a while ago, but she called the plant place today and they had a dwarf blueberry bush that she says is "just the ticket." Whatever that means. 

Road trip! That's what it meant! 

We loaded Dad in the van. I sat in the back and Mom drove. Our first stop was the car wash. Now that is sort of freaky, but Mom and Dad weren't scared so neither was little Deucie. I'm smart. I know when the parents aren't concerned, I don't have to be. It's an energy thing. 

After the car wash, we went to the sub shop. Yum! Dad got a steamer sub and that a good thing for me. I like steamer sub. Mom got her usual ham and cheese. That's pretty good, too, but I don't get much of that because of the onions and hot peppers. 

When we left the sub shop, we didn't head home. We went down to the nursery instead and Mom got a blueberry bush. She's happy but she told me I can never ever never pee-pee on this bush. Well, that's no fun at all, is it? 

At least I got to go for a long ride. And we'll see just what I pee-pee on. Boy dog. That's my thing when I'm outside. Watch me.

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Saturday, May 27, 2023

I'm a star! Mom made a new banner.

 Mom made a new banner and made me a star! I don't know how or where she's going to use it, but I like it!

Friday, May 26, 2023

I need a sidecar!

Sometimes being a dog feels like being a second-class citizen. Mom and Dad try to keep me happy and well-fed, but there are days that is not enough. Take for example those days one of the parents is working with the John Deere 1023. 

I'm allowed to be outside most of the time when Mom and Dad are working. I know to stay out of the way of the tractor. I'm a smart dog and I learn stuff! But it would be sooooo much better if I could ride on the tractor, too!

I love to go for rides! Riding is fun! When I ride along to places I have the back seat all to myself! And best of all, LOKI does NOT get to go along. Stupid cat. 

Look at that face! Don't tell me it doesn't make you feel guilty. I've cultivated that look for over seven years and it has served me well. 

So here's my suggestion to the parents - get a sidecar for the tractor. I mean, come on! Dad's pretty smart. He can figure out how to make one. Mom's got deep pockets. She can fund it. Think of how little Deucie will feel when he can ride on the tractor. He'll be a very happy Deucie! 

C'mon, folks. How difficult can it be to grant a good dog's wish? 

***(Mom to Deuce: Nice try, baby dog, but that's not going to happen.)***

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

It was the almost perfect dinner!

My favorite time of day is dinnertime! I know. You're surprised to learn that. But you know - dog. Dogs like to eat. I like to eat. 

Mom made my dinner really special today. I get The Farmer's Dog for dinner and I like it. Today was the beef dinner, which is my number two fave. I'd rather have the pork daily, but Mom says I need a little variety. I disagree, but again - dog. My opinion only goes so far in this house. Mom rules. 

So today was beef. I got part of the beef pack and a handful of kibble because I like to have a little something to crunch. Chewing keeps my teeth and gums healthy, you know. But then Mom showed me more than a little love - she put a fried egg on top!  I love eggs! 

My plate might not look very appetizing to a human, but to me, the Number One Dog around here, it was DELISH! 

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Busy, busy, busy! I'm tired!

Mom and Dad have been uber busy which means I've been uber, uber busy! Do you know how difficult it is to keep an eye on BOTH of them when they won't stay in the same spot??? It's HARD!!! There's only one of little Deucie. I need a clone! 

A clone, Mom, not another puppy. You hear me, right? 

Dad's been busy working on the old Husqvarna mower and the old log splitter.  He was making progress on both, but then moved his shoulder in a way it's not supposed to move and it hurt! He had to take it easy for a few days, which was okay since it rained. Rain means both my parents are inside and easy to keep track of. 

Here's a picture of me watching Mom when she was on the tractor. We need a doggie sidecar. 

Mom's been working on her garden, using the weed whacker thingee (too noisy for me!), and mowing the grass. She could be anywhere at any time and that makes it tough to keep up with her when I'm trying to watch Dad. Yesterday was a perfect example. 

Dad was working on the old mower so he was only rolling in and out of the shed. Easy peasy. But Mom? What's a watchdog to do? Mom was on the X370 mower, on the John Deere 1023, making and mixing her soil mixture for grow bags, in the greenhouse, over to the patio, to the fire ring, back on the tractor, back on the X370, in her office, in the garden, back to her office, back on the tractor, and FINALLY she fed poor little me! 

You know, Mom. It wasn't fair to give me dog food, even if it is The Farmer's Dog, and then fix Stromboli for you and Dad. My belly was already full when the people food came out of the oven. I know you tricked me and I won't forget it. 

I sure hope things slow down around here soon. I've only had one decent car ride in a month. This is unacceptable. I keep trying to tell them it's time to go, and they do listen, but do they go get the car keys? Noooooooo. 

I don't know what the plans are for today. Mom's at the computer blogging for me but after that, she hasn't given me any clues. Maybe after yesterday, she'll take a rest. She does that on any given Sunday. We'll have to wait and see. Whatever she does, if she and Dad stay together in the same spot, I'll have an easier day. 

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Where have I been?

I can't believe a whole month has passed since Mom and I had time to blog! We've been soooo busy in the yard, the garden, on the tractor, and helping Dad, we just haven't taken the time. 

This spring has been fun with Mom home. I'm outside all the time and I love it! Two of my balls are outside now, and when Mom walks past one she gives it a toss. I'm playing ball a lot! We also play Frisbee a bit, but Mom is very careful about that. If I start to jump and land on my back legs, Frisbee time is over. 

I've been for rides, too. Sometimes Dad rides along with Mom to town just so I can go, too. I love Dad for that. We sit in the van while Mom goes into a store. It's only on fast trips, though. We never have to wait long to head home.

Mom and I took one walk with Sadie and her parents. Don't you know she ran away from her dad and got into big time trouble. She had to go on a leash for the rest of the walk while I was able to roam out front. It was GOLDEN, baby! Mom says I shouldn't be like that, that poor Sadie can't help herself. Ha! Neither can I, Mom. 

I'm still on The Farmer's Dog diet. I love, love, love it! I'm feeling a lot better, too. I have a lot more energy. I really like it when Mom fries an egg and puts it on top. I know I'll be getting a lot of exercise that day when an egg happens.  

So everything is okee-dokee here. We're just busy. Oh! And did I mention the deer? There are deer everywhere! Mom counted and the herd is at eleven right now. I don't count. I just run them out of the yard. And the fox got hit by a car. I didn't see it, but Mom said it was pretty smushed. It's a lot quieter at night now. Loki goes outside more, too. I mean, he knew when the fox was too close and he stayed inside. 

It's almost my bedtime, so that's all for now! 

I'm Deuce and I'm helping Mom and Dad this spring! 

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Little "needles of joy"

I always thought Mom liked my fluff. She always brushed out my fluff (or needles of joy as some people call dog fur) and it came out in handfuls. But Mom hasn't brushed me much lately, which I miss. I like it when Mom pets me all over. 

Anyway, Mom says I'm not shedding the way I always have. She thinks it's because of my new Farmer's Dog diet. She even Googled why I might not be shedding when I always have. She read about how a better diet makes my fur follicles stronger. 

What the hell is a follicle? I have follicles? Is that a good thing? I might be an "old dog" at seven, but I'm still learning new things! 

So if my fur follicles are stronger, I shed less? I'll accept that. Mom says my coat looks shinier, too, but that might be because of less dead fur waiting to be brushed out. It all goes together. 

Mom used to really worry when I wouldn't eat. She didn't think I was getting the nutrition I needed. Maybe that helps me not shed, too, because I am eating a lot better now. 

I didn't know I was doing something Mom would really like, but I'm going to take full credit for it. I'm shedding less and I'm doing it for Mom! 

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Is it really spring?

You know, I'm seven now so I know a few things. I know when the ground is cold and wet under my paws, it's winter. If the ground is warm and wet when I walk on it, it's summer. Well, the ground is wet and cold so it's not spring. 

I've seen daffodils before, too. Every year - every year - Mom and I walk around the yard just so she can look at them. They don't change from spring to spring, but off we go. Walking on the cold, wet ground that Mom can't feel on her paws because she has shoes. 

So today, it's February, and out we go. Mom spotted a daffodil blooming. 

It wasn't too bad, though. She took the picture and then we went back inside. My paws didn't have a chance to get cold. She must have heard me complaining under my breath! 

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Saturday, February 11, 2023

I'm starting a new meal plan!

Mom and Dad have been worried about my eating habits for a long time. I can't help it if I don't like dog food. I don't know why they persist in giving me dog food when I'm just a furry little person with four paws instead of two feet. Mom has tried a lot of different foods trying to find something I like, but nothing is as good as steak! Or hamburger! 

A couple of days ago, Dad had a box delivered and it said, "The Farmer's Dog." What??? Dog??? I wanted to know and know now if they'd ordered another dog! Thankfully, it wasn't a Sadie-in-a-box. 

It was better! 

Right away I caught a whiff of something good. Yeah, it was frozen, but I'm a dog. I smell things. It only got better as it thawed out. 

It's special dog food for ME from The Farmer's Dog. It even has my name on it! I'm supposed to get half a pouch a day, which doesn't seem like much but we'll see about that. 

Finally, finally, finally, Mom opened the pouch and mixed some of it with my dry dog food. It was DELISH!!! I even ate the dry kibble instead of spitting it out! It was sooooo good!

Now Mom is doling it out like it's gold, and to hear her and Dad talk, it's more expensive than gold. Which shows they love me a lot. 

I hope this works out because dry kibble is so boring and has some questionable things in it. Mom and Dad say if they can't pronounce ingredients in food, they don't need it, but they had to feed me something that was made for dogs. But, you know, they could feed me steak every day. I wouldn't mind. 

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Dump Run!

We've had a busy day and it's only lunchtime! 

First I helped Mom eat her breakfast. I love, love, love frosted mini-wheats! I can't have too many, though, but I do get the last four or five in the bowl with a little milk. I'm spoiled that way. 

Then Mom took me outside but it was really windy. Dad was going to walk me down the creek but it was way too windy for him to be outside. Sooooo Mom said she could do the dump run today and me and Dad could ride along! 

I love riding to the dump! Well, it's a transfer station for people who live out in the country like we do, but hey. It's easier to just say dump. 

I got to ride in the back of Mom's pickup. It's a Colorado, like the state. She tried to take my picture but a black dog in a black truck with black seats and a black seat cover special for the dog - that's me - and I faded to black on the camera. So she used an old photo and that's okay. See my reflection on the tailgate? 

Now we're back home and I just had lunch. 

I think I'll take a looooong nap now!

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Monday, January 30, 2023

I found it first! It's MY stick!

Mom and I took a walk around the west forty today just to see what we could see. Mom checked out the daffodil sprouts and checked to see if the maple trees had red tips, but I found a BIG STICK!!!

I don't know where it came from but it's HUGE!  Mom said I should look up and that made no sense at all to me. Look up at what? Okay, so Mom said it fell from a tree, but once it's on the ground, it's MINE.

I'm Deuce and I know a prime stick when I find one!

Mom was going to pick it up and toss it on the burn pile but I convinced her to wait. I told her I wanted it and she sort of laughed at me. She dared me to pick it up and I couldn't it.

Darn it. I guess Mom is right and it can go on the burn pile. 

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Sunday, January 15, 2023

I'm seven years old now!

Yesterday was my seventh birthday! What did Mom do? She posted a baby picture of me on her Facebook page. I really was a cute little thing!

Mom and Dad got a pizza for dinner, and that's better than a birthday cake IMHO. I love, love, love pizza. And I got to go for a ride in Mom's car when we went to pick it up! Win, win! 

Sometimes it's hard to make a day seem special. Sure, it was my birthday, but I don't feel any different. Should I? I've never been seven before so I don't know. 

Mom says I might have to eat different food now, something made for mature dogs. I'm not sure what that means but I know I don't like the sound of it. Special food? Do they make pizza-flavored dog chow? Now that would be special!

Like I said, I got to go for a ride, but other than that the day was pretty normal. It was really cold outside and my paws don't like cold ground. I made short work of things every time I needed to go out, which Mom really appreciates. She doesn't like the cold, either. 

I guess being seven is okay. There's only one other option and I'm not ready to leave Mom and Dad yet. We have a good pack. We each have our place in it. I'm really lucky that way because I know some dogs never get to be part of a pack. 

I might have a few more gray hairs on my chin, but I'm Deuce! There is only one me, chin hairs and all. Mom says I'm irreplaceable. I think that means that Mom loves me a lot. It's really good to be seven and understand these things. 

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Monday, January 9, 2023

I didn't mind the cold water

A couple of days ago, Mom and me went on a walk. Mom said we were having a January thaw and it was a good day to get outside. I certainly agreed. I've got den fever! 

Mom put my orange vest on me, and she wore orange, too. We matched! We walked back the old homestead lane and then down to where a creek crosses the path. Mom knew I'd hop right in, so she was ready with the camera to take a video of how it went down.

I had fun. I hope it warms up enough to go do it again soon!


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Saturday, January 7, 2023

I didn't agree to this!

Here we go again...

Sadie is here for the whole day. Why? Okay, I know why, but WHY????? What did I do to incur this karma? I'm a good dog! I really am! Mom and Dad tell me all the time how good I am, and yet I'm stuck with Sadie all day. 

Mom is staring at me, and it's not a good stare. 

Okay, so Mom took Sadie back to her office and left me watching TV with Dad. That was a smart thing to do. Mom knew she'd take a nap if she was in a quiet place, and I could have a lie-down, too. I won't sleep until she's gone. I have to protect my food dish, even though it is empty. 

How did my dish get empty? Mom didn't feed me, that's how. She didn't feed me and then Sadie showed up. I bet that can of wet food I had before Sadie got her is all I get until she's gone. 

Hmmm. That WILL keep her from eating my food, so okay! Good going, Mom! 

I guess Sadie isn't really bad. She doesn't jump on my head now that she's older. And she's only here for a little bit. I'm still the Big Dog and she knows it. 

I'll make it through the day.

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Thursday, January 5, 2023

That is NOT Loki!

What the hell is that smell?????

I'm not going outside. Nope. Nada. Not gonna do it.

Mom opened the door for me at about five o'clock this morning and BACK THE TRAIN UP!!! There's a SKUNK out there somewhere! I can smell him. So can Mom. 

We hustled back inside before the smell had a chance to cling to my fur. It can do that when there is a lot of moisture in the air. I don't want me to stink and neither does Mom. Even Loki, who I swear looks like a first cousin to a skunk, stayed inside this morning. Mom should have named him Pepe le Pew. 


Seriously. Doesn't Loki look sort of skunk-ish?

I'm going to make Mom wait until daylight before I let her take me outside. Hopefully, the smell will be gone by then, and if not, I can at least see whether or not the coast is clear and pee-pee really fast. 

Mom says living in the country is fun, that it keeps us close to nature. <snort> 

Sometimes I think nature gets a little too close to us.

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Sunday, January 1, 2023

New Year's again? How many are there?

Mom and Dad told me it was New Year's Day. Did we just have a New Year's Day like, you know, last year? How often does this happen? And if today is the Day, wasn't last night the party night? New Year's Eve? I kinda wonder because New Year's Eve is noisy around here. Humans go crazy with shotguns and fireworks and car horns. Not last night. I heard ONE gunshot. Mom and I went outside to see who was barking and it was quiet and I didn't get to bark and tell everyone to shut up. (They listen to me, don't you know.) And foggy! I've never seen such thick fog. It was weird. 

Mom and I are going over our blog entries for 2022, and I'm not a happy dog. Mom didn't help me blog hardly at all last year. I made her promise to do better in this new year. I know she's right and we've just been doing mundane things, but I'm Deuce! Everything I do is blog worthy!

Get with the program, Mom. You tell me I'm the best dog ever and then you don't keep my blog current. I might start to think you like Loki better than you like me, and that won't do. That won't do at all. 

So it's a new year and I'm willing to give Mom a new start. My birthday is in two weeks, and there had better be a blog. 

Just saying, Mom. Juuuuuust saying.....

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