Sunday, April 4, 2021

Walking season 2021 is here! Yea!

I get confused sometimes. Mom and Dad said the weather has "broken." Huh? I didn't know we could break the weather? Humans can do that? That's freaky.

Whatever they did, I'm happy they did it. Today it's sunny and 66F outside with no wind. Apparently, that's what Mom's been waiting for. When she asked me if I wanted to go for a long walk, well of course I said yes! 

Really, Mom, you don't need to ask me if I want to go anywhere. If you're going, then I'm going. If you say okay. 

Mom has a new video camera so she took video of almost the entire walk so she could learn what she needs to do to get a good video of me. Well, me and everything else. I think she'd rather drop a cheap camera in the creek than her expensive phone, and I get that. 

The pond loop is a lot of fun. We get to cross three big creeks and a bunch of small run-offs from mountain springs. I'm not afraid to jump right in, but Mom likes to keep her hiking boots dry. She rock hops to get across. 

It's fun being out in the woods. There are lots of things to smell and hear but I never forget I have a job to do and that's to help protect Mom. We saw two joggers, three hikers, and two other dogs. It was all cool, though. I knew right away they wouldn't bother us. The other dogs were really good, but not quite as well-behaved as me. I walked right past them without stopping - Mom had put me on my leash - and I kept going. I didn't bark, whine, pull on the leash, or anything! Mom taught me that when I'm on the leash, I'm to walk beside her and stay there. So that's what I did. 

When we got home, Mom told me we walked almost three miles. It would have been more but we zipped across the woods in one place once Mom realized the creeks were running so deep. That was fun, too. 

Mom thinks I'm really good company for on a long walk, but I think SHE'S the best company I could have. She always takes a bunch of snackies along just for me and I get extra since I'm burning off the calories. 

I'm Deuce and I'm REALLY glad walking season is here!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Where's mine?

You know, it's tough to be the dog in this house. What does a guy have to do to get a donut all to himself? 

I'm a good dog. I don't jump on people and knock them down. I don't bark too much. I never, ever pee-pee inside the den, er, house. And even with all the factual evidence in MY favor, I don't get a donut to call my own. 

Yes, Mom and Dad always give me little biteys of their donuts, but it's not the same. The dog is a second-class citizen here. I guess I should be happy I rank above the cat. 

Mom - I love donuts! You know this! I'd be so grateful if just once I could have a whole donut!

Dad - Can't you convince Mom it would be okay to give me a whole donut? 

My patience isn't infinite. I'm a dog. Sooner or later you won't be watching closely enough and I will snatch the prize.

Don't say you were never warned. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Black panther spotted in my yard!

 Mom thinks she's funny with that blog title, but she's not far off. Loki is black and slinky, and he is a nasty feline. And he does catch mice and moles, so that's a good thing. 

He's a strange little cat, though. He's like one-tenth my size and yet he attacks me, which is pretty brave of him. It annoys me to no end. How would you like it if he bapped you in the face all the time? You wouldn't. He keeps his claws pulled in which is the ONLY reason I haven't taught him a serious lesson. 

Mom and I go outside every morning and take a little stroll so I can do my outside activities. This morning, Loki walked along. He behaved so it was cool. When Mom stopped to take pictures of the daffodils, Loki hopped up on a stump and acted like a big dog, er, big cat. He thinks he's the king of the mountain or something. Of course, Mom had to take his picture. She took one of me smelling the flowers, so it's okay. Having a picture of Loki on my blog every once in a while is not so bad.

It's a good thing to stop and smell the flowers, especially for Mom. I'm with her all the time and I know she's always busy taking care of me and Dad, and even Loki. She said maybe tomorrow we'd get to go on a long walk, maybe take the pond loop again. I'd really like that and she'd get to see if the old, abandoned homestead still has daffodils bloom in the spring. 

And no, I did not tinkle on the daffodils! 

I'm Deuce and I have a little couth. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

We have an interloper and I don't like it

 Now I know what, or is it who, I keep hearing at night. It's a raccoon! I don't like this at all!

Mom's not really happy about it either, let me tell ya. She looked at Dad and said, "GET THE GUN." Now those are serious words from Mom. 

According to the time stamp on the trail com, Mom and Dad need to be lurking around outside around 5:00 AM. Which could really be 4:00 AM now. I'm still confused about the time change. Anyway, this critter must go and we don't care if it leaves by way of a cage or worse. Much, much worse for the critter. 

Mom and Dad told me raccoons carry a disease called rabies which is really pretty horrible. Loki and I have had shots to keep us from getting it, although Loki is due his booster. They don't give people shots unless they're exposed, which is sort of dangerous. 

If a dog or a human gets rabies, they die. End of their story. 

So the critter has to go. That's the end of its story.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I have a really cool backyard

I'm a country boy, and my backyard is really cool! Except at night when it's really, really dark. I make Mom go with me when it's dark. Anyway...

My backyard is a country dog's dream. I have room to run or just take a leisurely stroll and sniff. Boy, is there a lot to sniff! I can tell right away how many deer have been in my yard with just one sniff. 

It's a big yard to police, but I'm up for the job. I know every tree, every rock, every little thing in my yard. Sometimes Mom and Dad will move big rocks or pick up a bunch of sticks to put on the burn pile and I know when they do. 

I really do have a good dog's life. A warm bed to sleep in with Mom and Dad, plenty of food and water, a big yard for amusement, and best of all, I have Mom and Dad. I'm very lucky.

When I was little, Mom didn't allow me to go outside on my own. Sometimes I even had to be on a leash. I don't mind a leash. It's like I'm connected to Mom and that's cool. But it's pretty cool she trusts me to go sniff around and do dog things, too. She knows that most of the time I keep her in view because I don't want her to get away from me. 

My woods are more fun this time of year because I can see everything. In the summer, everything is green and growing and I lose sight-lines. And there are no ticks right now. Ticks are the worst!

The backyard is fun, but it's always good to get back inside the den, er, house, and warm up my paws. Yep, I sure have a good life. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

I helped by staying out of the way!

Deuce helps make garden racks
The weather was great today! Not too cold, not too hot, just right for Mom, Dad, and me being outside. Mom had all this garden stuff she wanted to do and she needed Dad's expertise with the cordless drill to get it done today. I helped by staying out of the way. I mean, the sun was sooooo warm and my fur is black and it was sooooo nice to just flop in the grass and feel the warmth of the sun on my toes. 

We have an old pool pad beside the front porch. My parents used to put a pool on it but it's gotten sort of dangerous for Dad to climb in and out of a pool so Mom's using the spot for what she calls her garden corral. Dad helped put down a new tarp, build the racks, and get them set in place. 

Here's the problem with all this. So Mom is growing veggies. 

Peppers. I can't eat them.
Cucumbers. I don't like them.
Radishes. Yuk.
Spinach. Double yuk yuk! 
The Garden Corral ready to go

Carrots. Um... maybe, but probably not.
Lettuce- four kinds. No, no, no.
Peas. Nope.
Tomatoes. No.
Pumpkin. Yes! But I have to wait so long to get some!
Watermelon. Heck, yea!! Make me some frozen treats! 

Are Dad and I glad there's no kale on this list? YES!

So as you can see, there's not a lot for lil' ol' me to enjoy in the garden corral. I have a sneaky suspicion that if I forget myself and pee-pee on any of Mom's grow bags, I'll be in the deep doggie doo-doo. 

Tomorrow, Dad's getting on the John Deere 1023 and helping Mom do a few more things. Cousin Dave gave Mom some blocks to build a wall down on the turn of the driveway. Those careless Amazon delivery drivers have turned the corner into a muddy mess by driving up the bank. Mom and Dad say some nice concrete will stop them from being able to do that. It's a shame Mom won't let me scare any of the delivery drivers.

Not that I'd EVER scare Mary the Mail Lady. She's pretty cool. She likes me a lot and always gives me a treat. Plus, Dad says she knows how to drive slowly and is respectful of our lane, not like the Amazon drivers. Mom used to get my treats through an Amazon subscription and she canceled it because the drivers are so disrespectful. She told me not to worry, though. She can get my snackies at lots of other places. 

The thing is that if this silly garden corral makes Mom happy, Dad and I will go along with it. If Mom wants to make pickles, we want to watch. If Mom wants a big salad made with lettuce she grew in a grow bag, we'll stand back and let her enjoy it. And if Mom wants to raise a steer for steaks, we're all in!

How about it, Mom? Got any plans for beef?

****Note from Mom****
Sorry, baby. You know I'd turn a calf into a pet and then where would we be?

Sunday, March 7, 2021

This seed thing is taking over!


I think Mom has gone round the bend. The sun is shining, true, but the ground is still chilly. I know this because I don't wear shoes! I'm outside running around in my bare paws! 

Mom says it's March, and March is the time to start planting seeds. There are little seed trays in the front window and two butt-ugly red pots on the sunroom floor in front of the door. Plus, Mom was just outside mixing garden soil, cow manure, and potting mix together in the one cart. Then she filled two grow bags with what she'd mixed and mumbled something about radishes and spinach. They don't sound very good to me, especially the spinach. Dad doesn't like it so neither do I. 

It was forty degrees outside this morning and seventy-eight in the little greenhouse. Mom was in the greenhouse talking to the celery. I just don't get it, but I'm getting worried about her. I've tasted celery and it's not my thing, just like radishes and spinach. I know a decent snackie when I smell one and seeds miss the mark. 

And Mom fussed me for something I didn't do! Okay, I did think about it, but she said "no" and I stopped. How often do I get the chance to roll in cow manure? Never, that's how often. And it was only a little clump that dropped out of the bag, not the entire bag. 

Some days I just don't have any fun at all. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

I protest this unfair treatment!


A long time ago I said I wished I had thumbs so I could help Mom carry stuff. I was a lot younger then, like only one.  A lot has changed since then. I've recently decided I should stop coveting thumbs. Like just yesterday I decided. Dad has thumbs and it didn't help him cook. 

Now, Dad's a pretty good cook. I love, love, love it when he cooks eggs. Eggs are good, well, maybe not as good as steak, but good. Getting steak in this house just became problematic.

Dad's also a good bread baker. Mom and I talk about this sometimes when I'm in her office begging for snackies. She tells me I had bites of bread and that's all I get until morning. I do not like this but I'm a good boy and I listen. 

Soooo, Dad was making something called pita pockets. They are de-lish, for the record. He used his favorite skillet, the one he sears steaks in, for his project. He also used a rubber spatula in a hot skillet. 

And this is why there will be no steak fat for the dog, a.k.a. ME, in the foreseeable future. 

This is cruel and unusual punishment. I protest! 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Should I be worried?

I don't know if I should be worried or not. About Mom, that is. I'm fine. It's Mom who's having a meltdown over my chin. The hairs on my chin to be more precise. Some of them are white. I don't know what that means but Mom is freaking out. 

I should freak out over her taking a picture of my chin. It's not my good side, you know. 

Huh. There really are a few white hairs there. What's up with that? 

I sure hope I don't have to start coloring the hair on my chin the way Mom colors the hair on her head. I would not like that at all! 

I know I'm only five, so are white hairs a bad thing? I'm a descendant of the St. John's Dog, a Labrador Retriever. I should be all black all over with no white so maybe this isn't good. A few white hairs due to age are ok. 

Due to age? I'm only FIVE? Maybe Mom is right to freak out! I think I'll join her!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It's a video of ME!

Mom snuck one in on me. I knew she was taking pictures of the snow last Sunday, but she got me on video, too. We really did have a lot of fun going out and walking around. 

Then we had to move the trail cam. We were hoping to get some really good shots of the fox (yeah, Mom wants to shoot him but that's another story), but we didn't. So we put it back in the corner of the yard. 

Mom put the separate little videos together into one longer vid so it plays better. But I gotta say it's sort of spooky hearing Mom's voice come out of her computer. 

Way to freak me out, Mom. 

We hope you enjoy our "movie." I'm Deuce and I'm a STAR!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

It's a winter wonderland!

It snowed again! Snow can be a lot of fun if Mom puts on her boots and goes outside, which she's done twice already today. The first time it was still snowing, and we walked all over my yard so she could take some pictures. The second time was to brush the snow off her car and both pickups. Not fun for me at all. 

Mom says today is Pop's 111th birthday. I never got a chance to know Pop 'cause, you know, I'm only FIVE, and Pop has been gone since before I was born. Mom told me a story about a dog she used to have that left home to live with Pop. Mom was working and Pop was home all day and the dog was lonely so she moved out. I'd NEVER do that to Mom. 

I found a lot of deer tracks on our walk, but they were a few hours old. I can tell. My nose is pretty good for things like that. It was fun going all the way around the yard and through the woods, but my paws got cold. 

We've been inside since then, except for that quick outside run to clean the vehicles. It's too bad Mom isn't in the mood to take me for a ride. They went for pizza yesterday and didn't take me along. I don't know what's up with. Maybe my feet were too muddy, or something. 

Mom made a couple of photo collages from the pictures she took this morning. Boy, does Mom know bad words when her picture software doesn't do what she wants. I stared at her until she told me I was right, she shouldn't cuss, and then she gave me all the snackies in the treat jar! And refilled it! It's a good thing when my telepathic messages get through to her. 

I'm not sure what we're going to do for the rest of the day. I know we'll go outside just before dark for a short walk so I can do all my outside activities, but other than that, who knows? 

Is it spring yet?

Saturday, January 30, 2021

I did my best to be charming, and it worked!

No doubt about it, I'm a good dog. Mom and Dad tell me that all the time - every day, in fact! Sometimes I can be a bit bratty, but they don't mind. I think they just want me to be me. I'm down with that!

It's January and that means it's been really cold. Dad says we're going to get snow soon. He says we'll probably have snow on the ground when we wake up tomorrow. I hope I can sleep but I might get too excited. That could be bad. If I just doze and get too restless, then Mom wakes up and that's not a good thing. Mom doesn't like to be awake at 3:00 AM. 

Since it's going to snow... gee, I hope Dad is wrong about that. If it snows, Mom won't want to go for a long walk like we took today. We had fun today. Sure, it was cold, but Mom put on her long coat, a knit hat and gloves, and off we went. 

We didn't get far at all before we spotted Cousin Dave outside with that little heathen Sadie. She was misbehaving and not responding when Cousin Dave told her to come. She's really young and that's why she's just a nutter. Did I tell you she jumps all over me when she sees me? She does! And her paws are cold! Anyway, Mom told me to come, sit, and stay, so of course, I did. I sat at Mom's feet until Sadie did what she had to do and they went inside. Yep. I got snackies for that! 

Once they were inside, Mom and I continued our walk. We met two people walking on our trail, and then a guy on a bicycle. We were surprised to see people on our trail today because it was cold. Maybe they thought the same thing Mom did, that they'd better get outside before it snows. 

The guy on the bike said I was a good dog because I sat beside Mom until he passed. Once he was gone, Mom agreed! 

So if I'm so good, why wasn't Mom getting me a snackie out of her pocket? I thought I'd better ask, so I stared at her. She kept messing with her glove like she didn't get the message. So I offered up a paw and she took my picture. That's when I figured it out. Pictures and snackies don't happen with gloves on. 

I'm Deuce! I told you I'm a smart dog! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's my birthday! I'm five!

Today is my birthday! I'm five years old! 

Is that old? Mom says "not really." What the squeaky-toy does that mean? Am I old or not?

I don't feel old. I feel pretty good. I felt a lot older when I hurt my cruciate tendon, but Mom got the right medicines for me and everything is good to go as long as I don't overdo it. Mom is pretty careful to make sure I don't. 

But come to think of it, sleeping on the big bed does feel better than sleeping on the floor. I don't think I've always felt that way. I used to think I had to be on the floor at Mom's feet when she works in her office, but I can see her just fine from the big bed. So it makes sense to sleep on the soft bed, right? 

Mom and Dad wanted a video of me to help them remember me at age five. Humans must really have trouble remembering as they get older. Will I get like that? I'd hate to forget how to play ball, or how to behave. And what if I forget how to listen to Dad? He needs me, you know. My job is to look out for him when Mom's not home. 

Maybe this being five isn't all it's cracked up to be. I guess I'll have to do like Mom says and take it one day at a time. Until then, maybe Dad will take me out and we can play ball again! That would be a swell birthday present! 


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Mom had all my blogs put together

 I learned that we've been blogging together for almost five years. That's like my whole life! It's a pretty cool way for me and Mom to remember the important things we've done together. And the fun stuff, too!

Understanding how it all works is Mom's job. I just get to be me and we like it that way. Mom's a writer and she gets to be herself when she blogs. Dad's job is to reason things out and tell us which end of which cable goes in which slot to make the television work. Loki's job is to catch vermin. 

Okay. Now Mom is staring at me so I need to get serious. My job is to look out for Mom and Dad, especially on a walk.

I'd better get back on topic so I can get a snackie when we're finished blogging.

We started Deuce's Day to record my life. Mom says I'm probably the only dog she'll have all her memories of recorded. Mom talked about her other dogs, the ones that came before me, over at her writing blog. Some of it is pretty sad but sometimes a dog's life is sad. 

Anyway, Mom went to this place online called Blog to Print and they put all my blogs through the end of 2020 into one .pdf for only $10! Now we don't have to worry about losing the history of everything we've done together. 

Mom and Dad told me we've started a new year. It doesn't feel any different. My birthday is coming up and I'll be five. Time really does fly when you're having fun! 

Time flies when we go for a walk, too. What do you say, Mom? Think we can get outside today?