Saturday, February 27, 2021

I protest this unfair treatment!


A long time ago I said I wished I had thumbs so I could help Mom carry stuff. I was a lot younger then, like only one.  A lot has changed since then. I've recently decided I should stop coveting thumbs. Like just yesterday I decided. Dad has thumbs and it didn't help him cook. 

Now, Dad's a pretty good cook. I love, love, love it when he cooks eggs. Eggs are good, well, maybe not as good as steak, but good. Getting steak in this house just became problematic.

Dad's also a good bread baker. Mom and I talk about this sometimes when I'm in her office begging for snackies. She tells me I had bites of bread and that's all I get until morning. I do not like this but I'm a good boy and I listen. 

Soooo, Dad was making something called pita pockets. They are de-lish, for the record. He used his favorite skillet, the one he sears steaks in, for his project. He also used a rubber spatula in a hot skillet. 

And this is why there will be no steak fat for the dog, a.k.a. ME, in the foreseeable future. 

This is cruel and unusual punishment. I protest! 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Should I be worried?

I don't know if I should be worried or not. About Mom, that is. I'm fine. It's Mom who's having a meltdown over my chin. The hairs on my chin to be more precise. Some of them are white. I don't know what that means but Mom is freaking out. 

I should freak out over her taking a picture of my chin. It's not my good side, you know. 

Huh. There really are a few white hairs there. What's up with that? 

I sure hope I don't have to start coloring the hair on my chin the way Mom colors the hair on her head. I would not like that at all! 

I know I'm only five, so are white hairs a bad thing? I'm a descendant of the St. John's Dog, a Labrador Retriever. I should be all black all over with no white so maybe this isn't good. A few white hairs due to age are ok. 

Due to age? I'm only FIVE? Maybe Mom is right to freak out! I think I'll join her!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It's a video of ME!

Mom snuck one in on me. I knew she was taking pictures of the snow last Sunday, but she got me on video, too. We really did have a lot of fun going out and walking around. 

Then we had to move the trail cam. We were hoping to get some really good shots of the fox (yeah, Mom wants to shoot him but that's another story), but we didn't. So we put it back in the corner of the yard. 

Mom put the separate little videos together into one longer vid so it plays better. But I gotta say it's sort of spooky hearing Mom's voice come out of her computer. 

Way to freak me out, Mom. 

We hope you enjoy our "movie." I'm Deuce and I'm a STAR!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

It's a winter wonderland!

It snowed again! Snow can be a lot of fun if Mom puts on her boots and goes outside, which she's done twice already today. The first time it was still snowing, and we walked all over my yard so she could take some pictures. The second time was to brush the snow off her car and both pickups. Not fun for me at all. 

Mom says today is Pop's 111th birthday. I never got a chance to know Pop 'cause, you know, I'm only FIVE, and Pop has been gone since before I was born. Mom told me a story about a dog she used to have that left home to live with Pop. Mom was working and Pop was home all day and the dog was lonely so she moved out. I'd NEVER do that to Mom. 

I found a lot of deer tracks on our walk, but they were a few hours old. I can tell. My nose is pretty good for things like that. It was fun going all the way around the yard and through the woods, but my paws got cold. 

We've been inside since then, except for that quick outside run to clean the vehicles. It's too bad Mom isn't in the mood to take me for a ride. They went for pizza yesterday and didn't take me along. I don't know what's up with. Maybe my feet were too muddy, or something. 

Mom made a couple of photo collages from the pictures she took this morning. Boy, does Mom know bad words when her picture software doesn't do what she wants. I stared at her until she told me I was right, she shouldn't cuss, and then she gave me all the snackies in the treat jar! And refilled it! It's a good thing when my telepathic messages get through to her. 

I'm not sure what we're going to do for the rest of the day. I know we'll go outside just before dark for a short walk so I can do all my outside activities, but other than that, who knows? 

Is it spring yet?