Thursday, June 30, 2016

A lesson in life

I've been a little sad the past couple of days. Mom and Dad took the cat to the vet. I didn't see him when they brought him home, but Mom explained they buried him up on the hill beside Jett, Callahan and Taz. Mom told me not to go up there and I think I'll listen to her on this one.

Mom told me I'd be the last dog to go on the hill. I wasn't too sure what she meant at the time, but she was sad when she told me. So I've been listening closely to Mom and Dad talk, and I think I have it figured out. 

I know that one day I'll get old, and I'll be tired, and it'll be time for me to go. Dogs know these things and we know it's ok. Mom's have a hard time with it. I think cats must get old and tired, too. I know Shooter was old. He told me in no uncertain terms he was too old to take any puppy nonsense from me. 

Maybe I should have been nicer when he slept in my puppy daybed. Mom said he wasn't hurting a thing by taking a nap in it when I wasn't using it, but I barked at him anyway. 

I think Shooter was ready to go, and Mom and Dad made sure it was easy for him. They said he's beside his best friend, Jett, who I never met. They say Callahan and Taz were buddies, too. 

Mom promised as soon as I'm done growing and know how to be 'easy' I can get a kitten of my own. I think Mom will be over being sad about Shooter by then. Having my own cat will be a big responsibility. It'll be up to me whether or not we're going to be friends because I'll be the older, bigger one. 

I think I can do it because I'm Deuce! I'm a good dog!

Monday, June 20, 2016

What'd I say?

I told you that people are nuts, and Mom's do weird stuff. Now I got proof.

Today, I was playing with Dad and I lost a baby fang - the upper right baby fang. It didn't surprise me because it's been bleeding a little bit so I knew it was ready to fall out. I'm glad I didn't swallow it, though. It's really pointy and it might have hurt the other end of me! 

Mom says it's a canine tooth. I heard her tell Dad the first puppy tooth she saved belonged to Callahan. I never knew him but Mom says he was a good dog, just like Jett was a good dog. She has one of their puppy teeth, too.  

Not to disrespect Mom, but I'm gonna call my canines my fangs. I'm a guy dog and I need to have a tough-guy front for when the deer come around. I'll show 'em my fangs. Doesn't that sound bigger and badder than showing the deer my canines? Anyway, I lost the tooth and Dad picked it up and gave it to Mom. Now Mom plans to keep it. Why?

Because Mom is a human, and humans are nuts. 

She's talking about stuff called DNA and winning the lottery and getting something called a clone of Callahan and Jett - and a second me. 

A second me? I don't think so! I'm Deuce! I'm an original!

I think she might be pulling my tail. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stop and smell the lilies

Mom works really hard. She leaves the house about seven o'clock in the morning and doesn't get home until about five in the afternoon. I really miss her during the day, but she says "no work, no buy puppy chow." I like puppy chow so I guess it's a good thing Mom has a job. 

When Mom's home on the weekends, she says we have to stop and smell the roses. 

Well, I did that. Roses have thorns and I do not like thorns. They hurt my nose. But today I discovered that lilies smell good, too. And they don't have thorns! 

Mom is really happy about this lily. It's the only one the deer didn't eat the buds. Next year, when I'm full grown, the deer had better watch out for me. 

I'll protect the lilies. 

I'm Deuce, and this is MY yard!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mud flaps

It was a beautiful weekend! It was sunny and warm and Mom and Dad were outside for hours and hours. And when they're outside, Deuce (that's me!) is outside.

We were really busy, too. On Saturday, Mom watered all the flowers and tomatos in the big flower pots. Then she cut off the old blooms from the rose bushes, and sprinkled the bushes with some stinky white powder that made me sneeze. She told me to stay away, but I didn't listen. Next time I will.

Then Mom did a water test on the pool. I don't get it. Water is water, but she said it needed a bit of baking soda to make it soft. When Dad came outside, we all had coffee on the patio.

I don't like coffee. I'll stick to water without baking soda in it.

Dad had to fix the tailgate hinges on his pickup. He said they were really old and got rusty. Is 1999 a long time ago? Mom helped him. Then they put this metal contraption on the back of the truck so Dad can haul his fancy chair wherever he goes.

I was soooo tired Saturday night, I slept on the bed with Mom and didn't move at all!

Then today I got to help Dad put mud flaps on Mom's shiny red car. Mom's real particular about her car and doesn't like it to get too dirty. I'm not allowed to pee on the wheels EVER. It was fun helping Dad but I got bored and found a stick to play with.

Mom took a picture of me helping. Boy, I'm really growing up fast!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Am I handsome, or what!

Mom and Dad do a lot of what they call "home & garden projects." First thing this morning, right after Dad had a cup of coffee, we all hopped into the pickup and went to Lowe's. 

I jumped in without any help! Mom's right. My legs are longer now! Mom and Dad told me I had to ride in the back, but I put my elbows on the console so I could see out the windshield. When we got to Lowe's, I didn't need any help getting out. It's not as far down as it used to be. Or at least it doesn't seem to be. I used to be afraid of falling on my nose, but I know I won't now. 

I walked beside Mom the way she taught me and didn't pull on the leash. Well, maybe I did a little. I was kind of excited over all the new smells. Then the guys at the store loaded the truck for Mom, and Dad drove us to McDonald's and we each got a McMuffin. 

Oops. I wasn't supposed to tell you that. Mom says some folks have "issues" with a dog eating real bacon, eggs, and cheese. I don't know why. Mom said it was a treat and she was right! It was really good! 

Mom took my picture at the store and all I can say is, am I handsome, or what! 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm rethinking my position (under the desk)

Mom is really happy with how well I'm growing. She feels my legs and feet all the time. I really like it when she rubs down the sides of my spine, too, all the way to the tip of my tail. She says I'm growing like a weed, which makes no sense at all because she and Dad don't like weeds. People are confusing. 

I'm getting very long. When I stretch out, full length, I take up a lot of floor space, especially in Mom's study. Mom tripped over me last night. I didn't mean for that to happen, and Mom wasn't mad or anything. But from now on I think I'll sleep under her desk instead of beside it. When she gets up, I'll just tuck my toes in. 

I just hope she doesn't forget when I'm under her desk and kick me by mistake.