Monday, July 17, 2023

In the garden with Mom

Sometimes Mom worries me. She gets these notions to do something odd and all I can do is follow along and keep an eye on her. Take today, for example.

Mom checks her garden every day, and this morning she harvested some cherry tomatoes and a handful of green beans. That wasn't so bad. I get that it's people food. But then Mom sat in the lawn chair she keeps in the garden and talked to me about her plans for next year's garden. She says talking to me helps her think. 

I do my best thinking when I'm not barking, but hey. Humans are strange. 

Mom wants to do a few things differently in her garden next year. I don't care. She's not growing me any steak so it's not important to me. But since I'm a good dog, I listened while she talked. 

I like Mom's voice so I guess it is kind of nice she talks to me, even if it's not about steak. 

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Friday, July 7, 2023

I need a bigger pool!

When I was a little guy, I had a pool. I loved it! It was perfect, and I always wondered what happened to it. Mom's been getting in her pool and she won't let me get in with her. I don't think that's fair. So I telepathically asked Mom what happened to my old pool - and she must have heard me! She found my old pool!

I must confess it's a bit of a disappointment. I remembered it as being a lot bigger. And deeper. I didn't know pools could shrink but this one sure did. I can barely get my toes wet!

Well, Mom and Dad discussed it and I may be getting a bigger pool. This is a good thing! What's not a good thing is that Mom thinks fifty bucks is a lot to spend on a pool for me and she might be correct. I mean, I really could decide I don't like the new pool. 

But I need something bigger than my puppy pool! I'm not really a puppy any longer! I'm all grown up! 

I haven't heard Mom say what she's going to do about the situation. I sure hope it's a good surprise for little Deucie! 

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