Tuesday, October 25, 2022

I heard what Dad said!

The truth will come out! 

I heard what Dad told Mom. He thought he was being sneaky when he whispered, but hey. Dog. I have DOG HEARING. Dad, I heard you. 

And Mom? I heard you say, "bad daddy," but you LAUGHED. You don't think he was bad at all! Why must you encourage him? 

I'm a good dog. My parents tell me all the time that I'm a good dog, so why this treatment? 

It seems that after Mom and I went to bed last night, Dad got himself a few cookies and did not bring me one! 

Mom made these cookies for all of us! Well, not Loki but only because the cat is too stupid to like cookies, but that doesn't change a thing. These are cookies without any chocolate! They're for Deucie, too! 

Really, Dad. I think my feelings are hurt. I think you need to get me TWO cookies right now to make up for doing that. 

Now, Dad, or I'll bark in your ear when you're taking a nap. 

You've been warned.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

There is always time for a ride!


We've been really busy. Mom says we're in the middle of firewood season. Huh? I thought we had spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Now Mom says there is a fifth one? It's no wonder poor little Deucie, that's me, gets confused. 

I think Mom means it's the time of year to split and stack firewood. That's what Mom, Dad, and Cousin Dave have been doing for ages and ages now. It started when the man came back in July and cut down the two big maple trees. I had to stay inside that whole time! Then Mom, Dad, Cousin Dave, and Cousin John cut up those two trees. 

But even though we've been working hard, we've had time to go for two long drives. I love going for rides! Especially in Mom's car! Mom's car is the best! The back seat is soooo comfy for me. And I got to ride along to the landfill in the Colorado last week!  

Mom told me there were places she'd hoped to visit this summer, but we got too busy. We might get to go now since the outside work is just about done. Mom said we'll have to see what the weather does. She doesn't want to drive in the snow unless she has to. 

Having Mom home with me now is a good thing. I like it. I can keep an eye on her. It's a little different because I'm not sure what time we'll go out in the mornings, or if we'll stay up or go back to bed. I vote we should go back to bed but I'm just the dog. Sometimes it's still dark outside and Mom stays up and goes to her computer, and I go back to bed without her. It's okay. I can hear her typing so I know it's all good. 

Going for rides is the best fun. I hope we go again soon.

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