Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mom's fencing me in

Mom and I have a more-or-less private deck just outside her office. She likes to relax out there when Dad is watching sports she doesn't care about on the patio. It's a little tiring for me - I have to run back and forth around the house to keep an eye on both of them. 

The patio is on the other side and end of the house! They couldn't get any farther apart and still be attached to the house. Parents!

Mom's deck is a nice, quiet place, especially early on a Saturday morning before the sun rises over the mountain. In the evenings, we can watch the deer sneak through the yard. There's a problem with chasing them, though.  

It takes too long to go down the steps. The deer see me move and are gone in a white-tailed flash. I don't stand a chance of catching them unless I jump off the deck and therein lies the rub. 

Mom is fencing me in. 

It seems I worried her by behaving as though I was going to jump off. She says it's way too high and I'll land on my nose and break my neck. I don't know - my neck is pretty strong and Mom has always said my head is hard. Anyway, she and Dad went to Lowes without me and ordered railing for along the far end and the front of the deck. 

Mom says it'll be nice, that I'll be safe. I guess Mom is right but somehow I get the impression I'll be staring at the deer through bars. You know. Like jail. 

I'm Deuce! I'm a free spirit! Don't fence me in!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Love those pearly whites!

Mom says I have great teeth. Even the vet said my teeth look good so I'm not sure why Mom thinks we need to do anything to them, but you know how Moms can be. 

She says we need to keep the pearly whites white so that's all there is to that. There's no point arguing with her. She's going brush my teeth. 

I guess it won't be all that bad. Mom never does things to hurt me. Smart money is on me getting a good treat when she's finished. 

Mom calls me a money pit. I'm not sure what that is but I think she means she spends a lot of money on me. 

I'm Deuce! I'm worth it! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do. 

Especially if Mom and Dad aren't ready to play. 

Was that a quick snatch, or what?!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Not your typical Friday night

I had a big day! It wasn't my typical Friday. Mom started the day off by taking me for a longer than normal walk. I got to take my ball along so we played ball while we walked. Then Dad did the mowing so I had a nice afternoon nap on the bed.

As soon as Mom got home, we turned around and went back to town - and Sonic! I have really good puppy parents. They got me a plain hamburger - no ketchup or other things that might upset my system. It was really good! For the record, I'll eat a hamburger whenever I can get one. What's not to like about meat?

Dad took the long way home and I got bored so I lay down instead of watching out the window. Back home, after we all got out of the pickup, Mom and Dad took me for another walk. I really like it when we go as a family. We don't do that often enough. Mom says it's her fault because she's bushed when she gets home from work. She always plays ball or Frisbee with me, though. Between both Mom and Dad, I get a lot of play time which keeps me svelte. 

But I think Mom tossed a little shade my way. She put an old sheet down over the bedspread because I drop fur on the bed. Hmmmm. I thought Mom loved my shiny black fur. What gives, Mom?

I'm Deuce. I'm a Lab and shedding is what we do. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

It wasn't toooo bad

Mom took me to the vet this morning. For the record, I do not like going to the vet. 

The ride to town was okay, I guess, but as soon as Mom opened the truck door, I knew where I was. I peed right then and there. Right on the parking lot. That's my commentary on the whole thing. I'm a Lab. If we can't chase it, play with it, or eat it, we PEE ON IT. 

Mom called me ornery like it was a funny thing and then convinced me I had to go inside and get it over with. So I went inside. 

And three women mobbed me! Seriously, I know I'm handsome. I'm Deuce! But three of them?  

Then they wanted me to sit on the scales. Um.... no. I didn't like that idea because the scale moved when I put my paw on it. So these three Amazons who said I was soooo handsome and soooo good just picked me up and put me on the scale. Am I some threat to society or something that they had to dog-handle me? They didn't even give Mom a chance to explain it to me so I could do it myself!  I would have figured it out because Mom never makes me do anything that would hurt me. Maybe next time will be better. Anyway, I weigh eighty pounds now. I'm not a pup anymore. I'm full grown! 

Mom took me into an examination room with a bench so you know I jumped up and lay across Mom's lap to protect her. The vet came in and tried to make nice with me by giving me some sort of organic dog biscuit. Yeah. Right. Like I was going to eat THAT. Mom had Grillers in the pickup so I decided to hold out for those. 

I got three shots to prevent distemper, kennel cough, and rabies. I guess it wasn't as bad as I remembered. I was still a little guy when I had the other shots. That makes a difference. 

I was glad to get home. Dad and I played a little Frisbee and then Mom took some pictures of me. It was all good, but I'm sorta sleepy now. Mom says I'm "lethargic" and I need a nap. Sounds like a good idea to me.