Sunday, January 21, 2024

A snowy walkabout

 It snowed a lot! There is snow everywhere! I convinced Mom I had to have a walkabout so I could see who left tracks in my yard. Mom received my telepathic command (for once!) and off we went. We didn't stay out long because my paws got cold! 

Mom took a video so everyone can come along!

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Saturday, January 20, 2024

I'm a little worried

It snowed yesterday - a lot! I didn't like going outside to do my, you know, "outside activities" because Mom didn't go with me. She told me I was a big dog and I shouldn't need someone to hold my paw when I have to pee-pee. 

That's not the point! 

I need someone to go along and tell me I'm a good boy!!!!

It snowed all day. Mom and Dad just hung out inside. The good news there is I got eggs for breakfast and a bit of spaghetti for an after-dinner snack. 

Snow can be a lot of fun, but what if Mom doesn't take me for a walk? What if she doesn't take pictures of me playing in the snow? Does being eight mean you worry more about stuff? 

I'm a little worried being eight will change things. I mean, Mom got me SENIOR dog food for some of my snackies. SENIOR!! It's crappy, too. I don't like it much. 

And then there are those chewies for my joints. Flavored my black ass! Nasty flavored is what they are. And I know Mom is going to make me eat all of them. 

We're going to be outside in the snow a lot today. Or at least Mom is. I have to be careful not to let her know my paws are cold or she'll make me go back inside with Dad. I won't like that because I need to keep an eye on her when she's on the John Deere 1023 tractor. 

Maybe I can convince Mom to do a little walk around the yard to get pictures of me and then I can go inside with Dad. We can watch Mom through the window. 

Yeah, I think that's the plan. 

I think being eight means I'm more of an independent thinker, but then again, I worry about stuff a lot more. 

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Today is my birthday!

 I'm eight years old today, and Mom put together a collage of her favorite pictures of her best boy - ME!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I want hazard pay!!!

It's a new year and the same old Sadie. 

Yep. Mom and Dad doggy-sat Sadie the Heathen again today. Did they consult with me first? Nooooo. They most certainly did not. 

It was pretty obvious Sadie was having a bad day. She wouldn't listen to Mom at all, and she usually does. When Mom says, "SIT," she means the dog's butt should hit the floor. I know it. Sadie knows it, too. But today Sadie ignored Mom. 

Mom tried to take her picture, but they all came out looking like a demon dog, which was accurate for today. 

Sadie followed Mom downstairs to the den, which is a big no-no. Loki's litter box is down there and it's off-limits to canines. Then Sadie made a grab for Loki's feeder, also a big no-no. It's a good thing Loki wasn't there when she did that. He's not one to mess around with when he's pissed off. 

Oops. I'm not supposed to say that. When he's annoyed. Don't mess with Loki when he's annoyed. 

Cousin Dave wasn't gone all that long, I'm happy to say. Things got back to normal after they left and I finally got my morning nap. 

I'm going to ask Mom and Dad for hazard pay. I want ten extra biscuits this evening. I'll be counting! 

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