Saturday, September 30, 2017

The little round red thing

I love my ball! I love it soooooo much!! I'll do anything Mom says if she offers to play ball with me. She tries to be sneaky and call the ball the "little round red thing" but I've caught on to her.

I'm Deuce. I know!

It was a beautiful autumn Saturday so Mom and Dad decided to cut down a few trees along the lane. I was worried at first. Whenever they want to play outside with power tools, I end up left inside. Today was different. This being almost two years old is really paying off!

Turns out the trees they wanted to cut down were small ones. Dad got on the John Deere and Mom used the battery-powered chainsaw. She didn't need the big Stihl for these. I don't know much about trees, but Mom said if they cut down the small maple, cherry, and poplar trees, then the little oak tree would have room to grow big and strong.

We were outside for a couple of hours. I ran around in the woods and had a good time while they worked. I know how to stay aware of which way the tractor is moving and to keep wide. When they hook a chain around a downed tree to drag it, I know to stay to the rear. I didn't know how to do that last fall.

But the best part of the day was when Mom played ball with me. I love the little round red thing.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The big, bad kitchen floor

Mom's not happy and when Mom isn't happy, ain't no puppy happy. 

I don't know why, or maybe I can't remember why, but I'm afraid to walk across the kitchen floor. It doesn't make any sense. I used to run through the kitchen all the time. Now it scares me. 

Mom is trying to be patient with me, but she knows there's no reason in the world for me to be afraid. It's only the floor. We all walk on the floor.  Heck, I sleep on the floor. The floor doesn't move or anything. It just lies there. 

I wish I knew why I got frightened. I'm Deuce. I'm a big guy, not a baby. So why am I behaving like a little scared puppy? It's sort of embarrassing. 

Mom's being patient with me and helping me work through it. She puts her hand on my shoulders and tells me it's okay. Once I take the first two steps into the kitchen, I'm better. I can do it.

But you know what's really confusing? Sometimes I forget I'm scared and trot right through! 

No wonder Mom told me I'm behaving like an idiot. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

A big change

Today was very different for me. First off it's something called Labor Day. It sounds sort of fishy to me because a lot of people are on a holiday but Mom and Dad know things I don't. 

The day started out okay. Mom fixed me breakfast. She fed Dad, too. I'd better mention that. Breakfast is important. Then they got ready to go away. I was not happy because when they go away without me, I have to go in my crate and it's boring. But today was different. Mom said I could stay loose in the house! 

I was good all day. They left at eleven in the morning and didn't get home until six in the evening! I really had to pee but I held it all day long - just like the good dog I am. Mom told me she was sorry they were gone so long, but the place they went has no concept of how valuable time is or how important it was to her to get home to me. I think she was more stressed than I was that I had to hold myself for awhile. 

But that's not the strange part of the day. They left in my truck and came home in a different truck. Well, you know I barked like a big dog at first because I didn't know it was them. Mom came into the house and got me lickity-split and showed me how to jump into the new pickup. The back seat has a door on each side! I can jump in from Dad's side and that is so cool. I like it! I bet Dad likes it, too, now that he won't have to go around to the other side to let me in. It'll be a lot easier for him when it's just the two of us. He still needs to put on a set of running boards to make it easier for him to get in and out, and then the truck will be as good as old Silver. I wonder what Mom will name this blue truck?

Mom fixed dinner and then we all went for a ride in the new pickup. I had plenty of room to sit and I can see out the windshield better now. Plus, my windows go up and down! I like that, too. The back seat is what Mom calls a split seat. She says it's a one-third to two-third split. The smaller seat is perfect for me! I might get to sit there when Mom is along. 

I liked the old truck but I'm learning that things change. The new blue truck has made Dad really happy so I'm happy, too. I wonder where he'll take us tomorrow? 

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's still dark outside

Mom is on vacation today. She's awake but she won't take me outside to play ball. I know it's still dark, but I can see really well. If she throws my ball, I'll hear it land and be able to find it. If she'd get me a glow-in-the-dark ball - problem solved!

Hey, Mom! Get thee to Amazon! We're missing valuable play time!!

Why no picture of me? Oh, yeah. It's dark.