Saturday, May 18, 2019

I wish I could help

It's not been a very good patch for Mom. Her stepfather died. I remember Jack. He was really tall. He was also married to Grandma. I think married must be the same as being mates. Jack and Grandma used to be together all the time before Grandma got something called Alzheimer's.

Mom was trying to take care of Jack. I could see it was hard on her. She has a job and she takes care of Dad, me, and Loki, too. Plus she mows the grass, does the laundry, cooks, gets the groceries. She's been doing it all without any help and she's really worn out. I try to be on my very best behavior so I don't become a burden. She says I'll never be one, but I want to do my part. 

Mom's been coaxing me to put my head on the pillows with her at night. It must comfort her so I do it even when I get too warm. I try not to pant but I can't always help it. Mom doesn't fuss me when I have to move to cool down. She understands.

I don't understand everything she has to do now. It seems like it's a lot more than before. Dad is being what Mom says is "solicitous." I'm a smart dog, but I don't know what that means. 

I'd really like to help Mom so I guess the best thing I can do is just be me. I'm a good dog. Mom tells me that every day. It makes me so happy to hear her say, "Deuce is a good dog!" 

Mom says life will get easier once she's settled everything and Dad's recovered from his upcoming surgery. Cousin Chris is screening in the patio real soon so we should have a lot of fun this summer, sitting outside and not having to swat mosquitoes. Mom got the notice the panels have been shipped and she was happy about that! 

I'll have to try harder to comfort Mom, but I'm just too big to sit on her lap. I'll have to think of something else. 

I'm Deuce! I'll come up with something to make her smile.