Friday, August 21, 2020

How can you resist this face?

It's really good to be me. I'm a lucky dog. Mom and Dad feed me, play with me, take me on walks, take me along for rides in the big truck, and they let me sleep on the bed. Not every pup has it so good. One of the things Mom does for me is to fill my hex toy with dog chow. 

Now, that may not seem like much but it is to me. I don't have thumbs so I can't do it for myself. Mom knows that if I give her the hex, I'm feeling sort of nibbly. 

The hex holds about a cup of chow and Mom keeps track of how many cups I get in one day. If we go for a long walk, I get a little extra. If we don't do much of anything, I might get a little less and then need a snack. 

Once my hex is filled, I can roll it around so a few pieces fall out. If I'm just feeling snacky, I might play with the hex for a long time before every piece of chow falls out. Sometimes I eat a few pieces and realize I'm hungry and that's when I roll it around fast. 

That was me the other night. I thought I was feeling nibbly so I gave the hex to Mom. She finished reading her chapter (I didn't like that because I wanted her to fill my hex NOW) and then did what I asked her so politely to do. I had the first couple bites and then I wolfed it all down. When I gave the hex to Mom a second time, she took my picture. 

And you know what? It worked! She filled it again!

Seriously, though. Who can resist this face? 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sleeping on the bed makes me famous!

According to Mom, I forgot myself this morning. I'm not sure what that means. How can I forget myself when I am myself? One of us is confused and I think it's Mom. 

Here's the backstory.  I love, love, love to sleep on the big bed with Mom and Dad. It's a good thing. We're a pack and the pack should sleep together. I mean, you never know when a bear or a moose or even some big old deer will sneak up on you when you sleep. Am I right? 

Of course, I'm right! I'm Deuce! 

So I sleep with Mom and Dad. Loki was outside last night so it was just the three of us. Mom got up first thing this morning, and I figured she wasn't coming back, so I used her pillow. What did Mom do? She didn't say a word, just snatched up her camera and took a picture. Then she said I was "blog fodder," whatever that means. 

Well, I knew she meant it would go on my blog, but there's more. I bet she even puts this picture on Twitter and Pinterest. Maybe even Instagram. Does that mean I'm famous, or infamous? 

***Note from Mom***
He sounds soooo contrite for sliding into my spot, doesn't he?

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Another overcast day made my walk muggy

Deuce with the old reservoir in background
I love, love, love my walks with Mom. We take the same route most of the time because it's the safest
one for me. The old road is gated closed so there are no cars or trucks and I can be off-leash and hop in the creek every time we cross over it. 

Mom took a couple of pictures, but it was cloudy so she's not happy with them. 

We always spend a few minutes at the old reservoir. The water there comes up from the ground in a spring. It's cold and clean and really good to drink. Before the road was gated, lots of people in our community, Mom included, used to come to the reservoir and fill jugs of water for drinking and making ice tea. A long, 
long time ago, some people used this spring 
water for making something called Apple Jack. 
I never met my great-granddad but Mom says 
he would have loved me a lot! 
overflow pipe at old reservoir

I'm Deuce! What's not to love??

The overflow pipe at the reservoir is pretty cool. The water comes out and creates a deep hole that I can play in on really hot and muggy days like today. I don't stay in for long because the water is really cold! I'm a Labrador Retriever and we like water, but I like it to be a little warmer to stay in for a longer time. I have learned that if I step under the pipe, I get very wet so I try to remember to not do that. Besides, Mom laughs at me when the water hits me on the head. 

When we got home, Mom said we walked almost two miles. I think that was enough walking for me for today. Dad's puttering in the shed and Mom is blogging for me, so I think I'll hop up on the bed and take a well-deserved nap. It's a good way to while away a hot afternoon.