Saturday, November 24, 2018

I have pills to take

Dad got me a supplement called cosequin to add to my diet. It's supposed to help with my joints. I've been having some problems since I hurt my cruciate. Mom thinks it's because now I don't put the same amount of weight on that leg. She thinks I walk and run lopsided. She might be right. 

Even with all that, I'm not sure Mom is happy about me taking this cosequin stuff. I heard her tell Dad that if my tummy got upset, it was on him. She sounded pretty firm. Dad said he'd clean it up and I did not like the sound of that. I hope I don't get sick when Mom's not home. Mom is fast to the door to let me out. Dad...not so much. 

Now I know Mom pretty well. She'll watch me like a hawk. She's a real hover Mom. If she suspects I'm having any sort of a reaction to this stuff, she will throw it in the trash. Doing that might make Dad mad but not me. I'm glad Mom watches over me like I watch over her. 

We're a pack, and that's what packs do. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It was breakfast in the hex today

It was cold this morning! My paws about froze when I went out to pee-pee. Mom said it was only twenty-three degrees Fahrenheit. What's Fahrenheit mean? Is that important? Anyway, it was cold. I made really fast work of all my outside activities and trotted for the door. 

That was bad of me. I should have waited for Mom to catch up but I left her in the dust. Maybe she didn't notice I did that. She gave me a treat when she finally opened the door for me. Of course, she did whine a bit about having to hang her coat in the closet. I remember last year she'd hang her coat over a dining room chair. Now she's worried that skanky Loki might claw at the fabric. I've been trying to tell her that cat is a nuisance. Does she listen? Noooooo. She just keeps feeding him. 

Mom feeds me, too. She pays attention and knows that sometimes I get bored with the same food over and over and over. I'll be three years old soon and we've tried a few different doggie chows for me. Some are really great and Mom sometimes mixes them together for me. I like the turkey and venison the best. Don't bring me lamb. I do not like lamb. Or grain-free. That is some nasty chow. I didn't eat any of that until I was very hungry. Mom noticed and took a can of wet food and made gravy for it. Then I ate it. 

Sometimes though, I get bored with eating. It's the same thing every day. Mom puts food in my bowl and I eat. This morning, it just seemed too boring. I put my hex in my bowl for Mom to see. 

Mom is pretty smart. She "gets" me. Right away she picked up my bowl and filled my hex with my doggie chow. I took it to the office so I could eat with her while she worked online. She told me I chew loudly and then she took my picture and laughed. 

I'm Deuce! Mom really loves me no matter how noisy I am when I eat.