Tuesday, August 29, 2023

SHE was here again, and I was on my best behavior

I had to babysit Sadie again. Her parents wanted to go see a Van Gogh exhibit or whatever, so Mom volunteered us to take care of Sadie. Why does she do that? I like my days to be full of whatever Mom and Dad are doing, and with HER here, nothing happens. In fact, the pack watched television the entire time SHE was here. Mom took us out to pee-pee and stuff, but boring. 

I'd had my day all planned out, too. Around dawn, I chase the deer out of the front yard, then watch over Mom as she gets her emails handled. Then we have breakfast and coffee, which means snackies for me. After that, we go outside and do garden stuff, or walk, and then it's chores. Once chores are done, I get to nap while Mom is at the computer again. That was MY plan, which Mom shot all to smithereens. None of my plan happened. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. Zero.

I guess it wasn't all that bad, though. Sadie laid down and napped, so I did manage to snap a nap, too. Not my usual, but it had to do. Even though SHE wasn't too bad and didn't smack me in the face this time, I was glad to see Cousin Dave show up to take her home. Does that make me a bad dog? 

Mom and Dad praised me for being a good dog, so that settles it. DEUCE IS A GOOD DOG!!!!

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

It's too hot to play ball

This summer has been a scorcher! I'm getting by, but only because Dad takes me down to the creek every day so I can get my belly wet. And I'm not supposed to talk about Pinkie, but when Pinkie hits the water, I REALLY cool off. 

It's even been too hot to go for long walks since some of the smaller creeks are dry during the summer. Mom doesn't like it if I can't wade in, cool my paws, and get a drink. I don't like it, either. It's no wonder the deer come our way in the summer. We have water for them. 

Dad knows that even though it's hot, I like to play with him a little. I won't chase the ball too many times, but I'll give him a chance to make a couple of throws. 

Mom was over in the garden the other day and took a quick video of me chasing the ball and taking it back to Dad.

See how shiny my black fur is! I'm Deuce, and I'm looking good! 

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Loki is soooo annoying!

I'm in a spot of trouble and I don't know why. Just look at the smirky expression on Loki's face. He plays all innocent-like and Mom falls for his act. I know better. 

Mom says I have to play nice with Loki, but that cat is an IDIOT!!!!!  He jumps at me all the time and I don't like it. Mom says he's trying to play with me and that's just the way cats do it. 

I DO NOT CARE! I don't like being smacked in the face! Yes, he keeps his claws in. Yes, his little paws are furry and soft. It doesn't matter to me. I DO NOT LIKE IT!

And I'll tell you something even worse. Loki has begun to sleep on the bed with the pack every flufffing night! Even Mom doesn't like this because he sleeps ON her feet, but she says he's a cat and there is nothing we can do about it.


I'm Deuce, and we'll see about THAT!!!!

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Porch time!

Mom and Dad decided it was a cool enough day that they'd sit on the front porch for a little while. Right away I followed Mom out the door and took up a guard position.  I like to keep an eye on the driveway in case UPS shows up with my Farmer's Dog shipment. Even when watching, I keep my ears back to listen to Mom. I'm smart that way.

Being a good dog, I waited patiently for Dad to join us. I thought about getting myself a bumble bee, but Mom told me no, so I didn't. It was a close-run thing because they were all over the roses! If one of them would have divebombed me, all bets would have been off!  

My parents haven't been on the front porch too much this summer and I'm glad. It gets really hot out there during the day and waaaaay too buggy in the evening. But today was almost perfect.

Mom and I chatted for a bit, and then she told me to go check on Dad. I was going to run around the house to the back door, but I quick found out I could look through the storm door. 

Yep. There he was. He was just then going out the back door.

Mom said I was a handsome boy and she took a picture. 

Gee, Mom. I though you knew I was a good-looking fellow a long time ago. 

Anyway, we had a nice bit of porch time before Dad said he had things to do. Mom told me we could blog, but I told her to go ahead without me because I needed a nap. 

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