Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dog Tales - those who came before me

Mom has had a lot of dogs in her life. There was her first dog, Rebel. He was an English Setter. Reba was a collie mix. Raven was black like me but her fur was longer. There was little Bogie, Rogue, Amy, Penny, Nickel, Sunny. Then there were Callahan and Jett.

Mom says they were all mostly good dogs, but Callahan and Jett were special, like me. Mom started a section on her blog to tell all about those dogs, starting with Rebel.

She says you can go here to start reading. 

I helped her write each story about her dogs. I was beside her in her office and kept her from getting sad. 

I'm Deuce, and I know how to take care of Mom. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Snow sucks

Do I look like a happy dog to you? I'm not. Mom and Dad told me it's now spring. Really? I've been waiting and waiting for this spring thing to get here and it was a bust, let me tell you. 

I thought spring would be a good thing. Mom promised me more walks in the woods. Dad said we could spend more time outside and I could help him do work in the shed. Mom talked about getting my tunnel set up and her and Cousin Dave have talked about getting me and Bella together for play dates. 

So spring arrived and it snowed ten inches. Just look at it piled up on my porch! Do you know how cold snow is on a guy's paws? (Not to mention a few other body parts.) I thought I'd like snow but it really limits a guy's options and opportunities. I can only sleep so much before I get bored and need to DO something.

It snowed all night and all day. The only good thing about it was Mom was home all day with me. We went out a few times so I could do my outside activities, but I got wet so we didn't linger long. Mom threw the Frisbee for me but it got snow covered and wouldn't fly. What a bust. 

I sure hope spring gets here soon. Being cooped up inside with Mom and Dad is okay, but I really need some serious play time. I want to get in the creek and splash around but the water is too cold. I need sunshine to really show off my black fur coat. 

I'll try to avoid being discouraged. Mom and Dad promised it wouldn't be much longer and they've never been wrong before. I'll just have to wait it out like everyone else. Have I mentioned waiting for anything is not my strong point? 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Deuce goes bowling!

Did you know Mom and Dad met at the bowling alley? They did. Now I've never been there but I know Mom has a really good time on her bowling night. She and Dad text back and forth when she's bowling. Mom's usually bragging because she does pretty good and that makes Dad happy. It's too bad Dad can't get to the bowling alley any longer but the building doesn't have a ramp for his power chair. That means he can't even go watch. 

Oh, wait. If he went to watch Mom bowl, I'd be home alone. I would not like that. 

Mom has a few old bowling balls in the den. She uses them as bookends. Anyway, she got an old plastic Brunswick down and told me it's mine! I love balls! I even love balls I can't pick up! 

I can't pick up a bowling ball, but I sure can roll it around the yard. I love bowling! I can't wait until it's warmer outside to bowl some more! Next time I'll try to keep it from rolling all the way down the hill. 

Here's me bowling! I'm Deuce! I look pretty handsome on the screen, don't I?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Blue bunnies

Mom got me a little blue bunny yesterday. She was at the dollar store. She saw it and knew right away I'd love, love, love it. It's not very big, but it is blue. I like blue. I can see blue although maybe not the same way Mom sees it. 

Dad was sure I'd rip the stuffing right out of the bunny but I fooled him. I haven't had a stuffed animal since I was a little guy and that's what I used to do. I'm all grown up now.

I think this was a test. I overheard Mom tell Dad a "kitty-kitty" would be bigger. (I hear EVERYTHING.) That got me pretty excited. I remember the cat we had when I was just a pup. When Mom says "kitty-kitty" I know exactly what she's talking about. 

Mom thinks because I didn't rip the stuffing out of the bunny right away, I might be mature enough for us to get a kitten. 

She might be right. Until then, I'll just carry the bunny around with me. It's good practice in case the kitten will let me carry him. 

Mom says I shouldn't get my hopes up for that to happen.

***UPDATE from Mom
The bunny met its demise March 4th. It had a very cherished life up until the end.