Monday, March 9, 2020

Prepping for spring

The entire pack was home today to enjoy a beautiful day. It was so warm I trotted down and jumped into the creek. Boy, that water was c-c-cold! I liked it! And it was really cool that Dad went with me and Mom down to the creek. He only recently started taking his chair down the hill. Don't know why, but I guess since he's a pack leader he doesn't need to tell me.

Mom went to town first thing this morning to finish doing Grandma's taxes. I'm a dog and I don't need to know what that means, either. I do know Mom was sort of, you know, pissed off. The lady told Mom she didn't have some form and Mom knew she did. Turns out Mom was correct so the trip to town was just wasted gasoline. Mom hates that. She does pay attention to something called her carbon footprint. If it's necessary, she doesn't mind going, but when it's not... Mom gets formidable. 

Then it was more about gasoline. Mom and Dad gassed-up the mowers and topped off the tank in the John Deere 1023. Then we loaded the gas cans in the back of Dad's Silverado and went to the gas station. Mom filled the cans and the tank of the truck. I can't get out at the gas station but I get to hang my head out the window and watch. 

On the way home, Dad left my window down because it was 70F and really nice. My nose was really busy! There were a lot of new spring smells to take in. Then Mom leaned back and took my picture. My humans are just way too camera-crazy. It was a really fun outing for me. 

What a day! I got in the creek, went for a ride, and we had pizza for dinner!
It's good to be ME!!!!

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