Monday, April 13, 2020

I made Mom laugh

Okay. What does "dorky" mean? Mom said I looked a little dorky this afternoon. All I was doing was taking a little snooze in front of her chair. Apparently, that's all it takes for her to snap a picture. 

She said, "Puppy, you look like you have flippers instead of paws." 

I love it when she calls me "Puppy!" Being called Puppy is a good thing! It's one of those pack things for just us. 

It's a good thing that I made Mom smile, but honestly, I do not have flippers. I'm not a dolphin. I know what they are because I saw them on the television. 

Next time I want to take a little snooze, I'll do it behind Mom's chair where she can't see me. 

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