Sunday, April 17, 2022

Ok, so it's neat


Mom decided she'd better go through the papers on her credenza. She had to scan and then shred a few papers, go through some old receipts she kept in case she needed to return anything, and file a couple of things. It's all stuff she has to do to keep the Manor running smoothly. BUT... do you see what I see? 

Look closer at the picture. 

There are TWO clear glass antique canning jars on Mom's credenza. 

And they are EMPTY. 

They should be full of MY treats! 

What gives, Mom? Why are the treat jars empty? Don't you love little Deucie any longer? Was I bad?

No. I was not bad. You always tell me I'm a GOOD DOG! So why no treats in the jar, hmm? 

I don't know about this whole retirement thing. Mom says she'll be here to take care of me every day. That we'll be able to go on long walks and play in all the creeks. She can go to the store whenever she wants to make sure we don't run out of stuff. 

So... why no treats in my jars? 


  1. Hmmm. Your mom has been slacking. You'll be withering away in no time. Better eat her slippers to get her to notice ;). Oh and, I notice the tall bottle on the left is also empty. You should ask your mom about that.

    1. Oh,no, Aunt Roxy. The tall bottle on the left is almost full of quarters! That's money for treats! Well, as soon as Mom rolls them up, that is. And I would NEVER chew Mom, or Dad's, slippers. Can you imagine? Slippers? Nasty feet smells? Ewww? But clean SOCKS are another thing...