Saturday, February 11, 2023

I'm starting a new meal plan!

Mom and Dad have been worried about my eating habits for a long time. I can't help it if I don't like dog food. I don't know why they persist in giving me dog food when I'm just a furry little person with four paws instead of two feet. Mom has tried a lot of different foods trying to find something I like, but nothing is as good as steak! Or hamburger! 

A couple of days ago, Dad had a box delivered and it said, "The Farmer's Dog." What??? Dog??? I wanted to know and know now if they'd ordered another dog! Thankfully, it wasn't a Sadie-in-a-box. 

It was better! 

Right away I caught a whiff of something good. Yeah, it was frozen, but I'm a dog. I smell things. It only got better as it thawed out. 

It's special dog food for ME from The Farmer's Dog. It even has my name on it! I'm supposed to get half a pouch a day, which doesn't seem like much but we'll see about that. 

Finally, finally, finally, Mom opened the pouch and mixed some of it with my dry dog food. It was DELISH!!! I even ate the dry kibble instead of spitting it out! It was sooooo good!

Now Mom is doling it out like it's gold, and to hear her and Dad talk, it's more expensive than gold. Which shows they love me a lot. 

I hope this works out because dry kibble is so boring and has some questionable things in it. Mom and Dad say if they can't pronounce ingredients in food, they don't need it, but they had to feed me something that was made for dogs. But, you know, they could feed me steak every day. I wouldn't mind. 

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