Sunday, October 22, 2017

The long ride

Mom had vacation days she said she had to use or lose so she took a long weekend. I like having her home for five days straight. I get to do a lot of interesting things when Mom is home with me and Dad. Today was great! Dad wanted to go for a drive and I got to go along! We took the new truck.

I was pretty excited to get to go along. We packed a cooler with lots of water and a bowl for me. We drove across the Potomac River, and then the Shenandoah River. I could tell from the way they talked Mom and Dad had been across those bridges quite a few times. They knew where they were going but it was all new to me. 

We stopped at a Sheetz and had a smuffin for breakfast. Mom said folks will think I only ever get to eat people food but the truth is my parents are pretty careful about what sort of people food I get. Real protein, like eggs and bacon, Mom doesn't worry about. I know they're really, really good! After breakfast, Dad found a side road so I could get out and tinkle. Mom made me use my leash, which I didn't like. I wanted to explore but she said 'no' and she's the boss. 

The road led up this big hill to a place called Ashby's Gap. Mom and Dad like it because as soon as you get to the top, the view of a valley, to the right, is pretty spectacular. Mom wanted to take a picture but it wasn't safe to pull over. 

I got a little bored and made myself comfy. Sure the mountains were pretty, but see one and see them all. I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't. I was really glad when Dad made a right turn and I sensed we were headed home. We were gone almost four hours and even though we stopped every hour just in case I had to pee, it was a long time in dog minutes. 

Going for a long ride with Mom and Dad is okay. I think it's better than being left home alone. Mom said we all learned a lot about how we can travel together. I think that means I'll get to go with them more often. I'm good with that. 

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