Sunday, November 5, 2017

An early November walk

Yesterday was a really nice day. Not too hot, not too cool. Just the kind of day Mom loves and when
Mom is happy with the weather, I get to go on long walks through the woods. 

I knew we were going. I overheard her talking to Dad. Then she put my orange safety vest on me. It's the proper fall style, or so she says, but it's a lot tighter than it was last year. I am full grown now. But it wasn't too tight, and orange looks really good with black fur, so it was okay. Mom wore orange, too, even though the hunters are not supposed to be anywhere near where we were. Mom says some of them deliberately ignore the markers so it's better safe than sorry.

First off, Mom didn't let me get in the creek. I knew I couldn't because she didn't slip off my collar. That was okay. The water is pretty cold now. When we got to the top of the first hill, there were walnuts everywhere! They look like balls but they taste nasty. Mom wondered if she should come back after our walk and gather up a bag full. Like I said before - people are nuts. 

Mom took a video of me just being me. She wants to remember me forever so she likes to do that. She doesn't care if they don't look professional. They're for her and Dad although she shares a few of them from time-to-time.  

I really like walking with Mom because she lets me run around and sniff whatever I want. She doesn't think it's bad that I mark my trail or that I lead the way. It's my walk, too, so she thinks I should enjoy it. 

The water at the headwater of the creek was cold, too. I walked through it but didn't get too wet. I saved that for on the way home. And today I learned I have to be careful and not swallow dry leaves. They stick to the side of my throat and make me cough. I do not like that.  

After we got home, Mom and Dad worked on one of the mowers while I played with an old Frisbee. It started to get chilly so we all went inside. Mom fixed dinner and we all settled down for the evening. It was a good day to be Deuce.

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