Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dad's new ramp

Back when I was a little guy, Dad used to take me out on the front porch. He'd have a cup of coffee and I'd play. I had to remember not to fall off the edge and when I forgot, it was not a good thing. I bounced better when I was a little guy. Dad kept an eye on me and would tell me when I was too close to the edge but I didn't listen very well back in those days. It was better on the weekends. Mom would grab me. She's always been faster than Dad. 

Then last summer, Dad couldn't make it out on the porch any longer. That made Mom and me sad. How can we be a pack if one member can't join in? Mom says people don't realize how many simple pleasures Dad has lost because he can't walk now. That's why he has the fancy chair on wheels with a motor. 

This past Saturday morning, Cousin Dave came up and built Dad a ramp! I was unhappy because Mom made me stay inside. I like Cousin Dave and he likes me. I wanted to watch what he and Mom were doing.  It was a good thing I was inside with Dad because they found a wasp's nest and they got stung. I wouldn't like getting stung, especially on the nose. 

Dad likes the ramp. He zips up and down like he's been doing it for years. I'm not so sure about it. I guess it's good for Dad, but I can jump onto the porch, even with my bad cruciate. (That's why I sit with my leg tucked under me now.)

Mom says I'll get used to it. I guess I will even though I think it's a bit weird for dogs. 

I'm Deuce. I know how to go with the flow. 

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