Saturday, November 24, 2018

I have pills to take

Dad got me a supplement called cosequin to add to my diet. It's supposed to help with my joints. I've been having some problems since I hurt my cruciate. Mom thinks it's because now I don't put the same amount of weight on that leg. She thinks I walk and run lopsided. She might be right. 

Even with all that, I'm not sure Mom is happy about me taking this cosequin stuff. I heard her tell Dad that if my tummy got upset, it was on him. She sounded pretty firm. Dad said he'd clean it up and I did not like the sound of that. I hope I don't get sick when Mom's not home. Mom is fast to the door to let me out. Dad...not so much. 

Now I know Mom pretty well. She'll watch me like a hawk. She's a real hover Mom. If she suspects I'm having any sort of a reaction to this stuff, she will throw it in the trash. Doing that might make Dad mad but not me. I'm glad Mom watches over me like I watch over her. 

We're a pack, and that's what packs do. 

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