Saturday, July 20, 2019

Loki has a long tail

It's pretty hot outside today. I'm taking it easy inside and staying close to my fave air conditioning vent in the dining room. If I get hot, I simply stretch out over it and wait for the AC to cycle on. It feels soooo good! 

That skanky cat likes the heat. I went to check on Mom (she's in her office) and I spotted Loki sleeping on the cedar chest. Mom put an old bedspread over it so he can't scratch it. 

I bet if I touched his tail, Loki would roll right off there and hit the floor.  Hmmmm. It's a lot of temptation, even for a good dog like me.

I'm Deuce, and I think I'll take the shot....

_ _ _

**Note from Mom. It was awesome. Loki hit the floor and chased Deuce all the way to the living room. I laughed, but don't tell Deuce. 


  1. That's hilarious! Good job, Deuce!

  2. Auntie Roxy! That cat is a menace! I don't know why Mom keeps him. He swats at me all the time when I try to play with him.