Wednesday, February 26, 2020

It's almost spring again

When Mom and Dad talk, I listen. I'm right there with them. I might be on the floor, but I hear everything. It seems spring is coming, and so is something called daylight saving time. Sounds hokey to me. How can anyone save daylight or time? Humans...

Mom mentioned it again this morning when we took our walk. I don't get how it will be daylight longer in the evenings, but Mom seems pretty happy about it. I'll just go with the flow since she says it's a good thing. 

This Sunday past, Mom and Dad took the snowblower off the John Deere. Mom wasn't one-hundred percent sure about it, but it happened. There's a lot that needs to be done and Mom needs the bucket on the tractor to do it. Even now there are three little felled trees that need cut up and the wood stacked and Mom and Dad need the bucket for that. Plus, Dad needs to spread some gravel on the lane. Don't tell him I peed on the pile of stone this morning. My bad...

I don't get to ride on the John Deere. I can trot along behind it, but never in front of it. If I get in front of it, my parents yell at me and make me go inside the house alone. I don't like it, so I behave. I'm Deuce and I'm a good dog! 

We really do have a lot to do. The running boards need to go on my little black truck, and Dad ordered a cover for the bed. It's not the kind of bed I can snooze in, though. Mom has to go get some straw so she can scatter grass seed in the back yard. Grandma's house is under contract to be sold and I guess I won't be going over there anymore. Mom is sad about that but Dad and me are here for her. 

Then there are some solar-powered motion-sensor floodlights going up. It seems I wander a bit when Mom and I go out before bed so I can do, you know. Dark shadows, black dog. Mom isn't pleased when I sort of disappear into the night. I get a little shy, ok??

So the human pack members have a lot to do, which means I have a long stretch of guard duty ahead of me. That's my job. Keep watch on them while they work. Yep. I can do that.

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