Saturday, September 26, 2020

It's vest time again

Deuce is well-dressed for fall

Did you know it's now officially autumn? Mom said something about it the other day. Autumn means hunting season and that means Mom and me will dress alike on our walks! Today was the first day since autumn began I got to go into the woods so I had to wear my orange vest. Mom put on her orange sweatshirt, too. People are NOT supposed to be hunting where we walk, but they sneak in anyway. 

We usually go for a long walk on the days Mom doesn't work. I sure hope she finalizes her retirement soon so we can go every day. Every day! I get all excited just thinking about it! 

What was I going to say?

Oh, yeah. I wasn't sure we'd get to go because it's sort of misty and drizzly outside. My first trip outside this morning, about six o'clock, it was sprinkling. Not a good sign for a guy who's eager to run through the woods. But by about ten-ish, there was only a bit of mist and we decided to go, but make it a quick, short walk so we wouldn't get too wet. 

Mom took a long video of our walk. She likes to do that for two reasons. One, she wants to always remember her time with me, and two, it makes us feel like we can bring Dad along. That's important to us. 

I don't mind wearing my vest because it keeps me safe. But I'm a big guy now, and I was just a lanky pup when Mom got me the vest. It's a little snug this year and I swear it's not because I'm eating too much. I'm still svelte! But I am all mature now. Maybe Mom will get me a slightly bigger vest, or at least redo the velcro on this one. 

What'ya say, Mom? How about doing a bit of tailoring for me? 

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