Monday, May 17, 2021

I feel neglected


I'm feeling a bit neglected lately. My parents are busy with a bunch of projects and they're ignoring me. Mom's been busy with her tomato seedlings, Dad's been cleaning the guns and designing a shooting range to be built into the hillside. They were both working on the new work/cook station on the patio. They've both been on the tractor and the mowers. 

Where has poor little Deucie been? Stuck in the house, that's where! 

It's not like I get in the way too often. I know to move when the tractor is headed in my direction. I know to move out of the way really fast if Mom has the water hose in her hand. She'll spray me! 

You know, this doesn't make any sense. I love, love, love jumping into the creek but I don't like getting sprayed with the hose. Huh. Does that make me odd? 

Mom told me she's about done with her projects and will take time to play with me more. I hope that means long walks! I'm ready! 

Mom and Dad work hard to make sure I have a good life. I have a nice rug on the patio now, and shady places to stretch out and relax while I keep an eye on everything. I guess I shouldn't complain when they leave me inside for my own protection. 

Then again, I'm Deuce. I'm smart. I'm also getting suspicious. 

They're going to grill steaks on that new Blackstone and if I'm inside, I won't get any. 

They're not getting away with this one! 

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