Sunday, September 26, 2021

One weekend, two walks

 It's fall! Okay, I'm a dog and I'm not sure what that means, but Mom and Dad sure like it. If they like it, I love it. 

I think fall means it gets cooler at night, and that's okay. I'm a pampered pup and get to sleep on a king-sized bed with Mom and Dad. I get the middle and I like it there. I need to keep an eye on my parents. Plus, they're good props for when I need to cool down my belly and stretch out with my paws in the air. 

Yesterday, me and Mom took an early morning walk around our big loop. Are seven thousand steps a lot of steps? Mom talks like it is. I was tuckered when we got back but it was great fun to be out in the woods without all the gnats and mosquitoes flying around my head. Mom agrees. 

This morning, we went for a walk past the old reservoir and Dad went with us. He can't take his chair across the creek because he doesn't want to short out his wheel motors, so he waits for me and Mom to finish our walk and come back. We're glad he does that. 

Mom took some pictures but they weren't many of me. What gives, Mom? I thought I was your favorite photography subject? Should I be worried? AND Mom forgot to take snackies along on the walk today. Mom? Don't you love me anymore? 

Boy, am I getting the look... Of course, Mom loves me. I know that. Just teasing ya, Mom. 

Mom's pictures are pretty woodsy photos and she made a collage so we would remember the weekend. I'm not going to forget. I'm smarter than that. 

On the way home today we ran into Cousin Dave and Cousin Sadie just beginning their walk. Sadie is a nutter. She always tries to jump on me! Mom tells me to chill out but it's not fun getting whacked on the nose so I keep my distance so Sadie can't reach my nose. Problem handled whether Mom and Cousin Dave like it or not. It's MY nose. 

We might go for a walk again tomorrow, we don't know yet. We'll have to see what the weather is, and Mom needs to check the hunting season schedule. I might have to start wearing my orange vest again soon. I wonder if Sadie will get one to match? 

Our walks were fun but it's almost time for Mom and Dad to start dinner. I wonder what we'll have? Maybe I'll get another slice of Fresh Pet for a before-dinner snack! That would be wonderful! I'm really looking forward to anything but dry dog food. 

I'm Deuce, and I deserve a people plate of my own! 

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