Thursday, December 30, 2021

I've been right at her side...mostly

I need a loooong nap! Seriously!  Christmas is past and while it was pretty quiet, Mom and Dad made it hard for me to do my job every day. I'm supposed to keep track of them and watch over them, but they just didn't stay in the same room. Dad watched TV in the living room while Mom was in her office doing bookish stuff. I think maybe the giblets made up for it, though. They were soooooo good. 

Mom told me we got a new "badge" from Fitbit. No wonder my paws are tired!! 4,132 miles is a long way! (Mom told me that and I believe her.) I've been by her side for almost every step, so it's my badge, too. Mom says an award is a good way to close out this year and get ready for the New Year. 

We get our next badge at five thousand miles. I'm not very good with math other than counting how many snackies I get to be sure I'm not being cheated, and I do know when the cuckoo sings out it's bedtime, but I thought mileage had to do with my, Dad's truck. Whatever. I'm a dog. I only know what I'm told or I figure out, ok? 

Mom says we'll probably get the next badge sometime around August or September. That seems a long way off, but we know it's good to have goals. 

I have a goal for today, Mom. It's called napping. How about it? Can we please nap today? Think about it. We've walked a long way and we deserve a nap. 

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