Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve -I'm going for a ride!

They can't fool me. I heard Mom say it yesterday. They're going to wait until dark and then ride around and look at all the Christmas lights. 

I hope they know I'm NOT staying home alone. I'm going to ride along tonight. Now all I have to do is convince my parents it's the best idea ever to take me along. 

Riding in Mom's car is fun. I can stretch out in the backseat and get really comfy. And when I'm comfy, I'm quiet. Heck, I might even be able to snap a nap. I'm going along.

They might try to sneak out on me, but I'm watching them. Call me Hawkeye because I won't miss a single move they make. When Mom has a purse, it's time to block the door. Better yet, since I always go out to peepee before they go anywhere, I'll refuse to come back inside. I'll go sit beside the Charger and wait on them. 

You just watch me. I'm a good dog. I deserve to go on a little ride. 

I. Am. Going. Along. 

Please, Mom?




  1. So, how was it, sweet nephew of mine? Did you love all the lights?? Your little cousin Peanut (you never met her, she went to Heaven before you were born) used to love going for car rides to see the Christmas lights!

  2. Oh, Auntie Roxy! It was wonderful! I love, love, love to go along with Mom and Dad in Mom's car. It's so comfy! But I don't think I get the deal with all the blinking lights. And that 10-ft tall blowup Snowman was eerie. And the Santa blowup on the roof? Nope. Didn't like that much. Is Santa really that tall? And there's only one way for him to come down because his sleigh was not up there with him. But the ride part was WOOF!