Sunday, January 23, 2022

It was a short walk-about - my toes got cold

Saturday afternoons are generally pretty quiet around here when it's cold outside. That idiot cat Loki will go outside and stay outside in twenty-degree weather, but I'm Deuce and I'm smarter than that. Nevertheless... how's that for me learning a big word? Pretty good, huh?  Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Mom asked if I needed to go outside and I did so we went. I didn't realize right away she took her phone with her. I don't mind being videoed. I get it. Mom and Dad want to keep their memories of me for after I pass on. 

It was really cold! Right away my little toes curled up. Even Pinkie sort of stayed in when I went to pee-pee. It was cold!

Me and Mom walked out the lane a bit and it was icy. Mom had to walk over in the snow so she didn't slip. I was careful not to run, too. 

I liked getting outside even for just a few minutes, but I sure hope it warms up soon. I need to go for a real walk and that's not going to happen until the snow melts. In the meanwhile, I'll just have to deal with cold paws. 

Oh, yeah. Here's the link to the video Mom made.

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