Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Little "needles of joy"

I always thought Mom liked my fluff. She always brushed out my fluff (or needles of joy as some people call dog fur) and it came out in handfuls. But Mom hasn't brushed me much lately, which I miss. I like it when Mom pets me all over. 

Anyway, Mom says I'm not shedding the way I always have. She thinks it's because of my new Farmer's Dog diet. She even Googled why I might not be shedding when I always have. She read about how a better diet makes my fur follicles stronger. 

What the hell is a follicle? I have follicles? Is that a good thing? I might be an "old dog" at seven, but I'm still learning new things! 

So if my fur follicles are stronger, I shed less? I'll accept that. Mom says my coat looks shinier, too, but that might be because of less dead fur waiting to be brushed out. It all goes together. 

Mom used to really worry when I wouldn't eat. She didn't think I was getting the nutrition I needed. Maybe that helps me not shed, too, because I am eating a lot better now. 

I didn't know I was doing something Mom would really like, but I'm going to take full credit for it. I'm shedding less and I'm doing it for Mom! 

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