Thursday, April 13, 2023

Where have I been?

I can't believe a whole month has passed since Mom and I had time to blog! We've been soooo busy in the yard, the garden, on the tractor, and helping Dad, we just haven't taken the time. 

This spring has been fun with Mom home. I'm outside all the time and I love it! Two of my balls are outside now, and when Mom walks past one she gives it a toss. I'm playing ball a lot! We also play Frisbee a bit, but Mom is very careful about that. If I start to jump and land on my back legs, Frisbee time is over. 

I've been for rides, too. Sometimes Dad rides along with Mom to town just so I can go, too. I love Dad for that. We sit in the van while Mom goes into a store. It's only on fast trips, though. We never have to wait long to head home.

Mom and I took one walk with Sadie and her parents. Don't you know she ran away from her dad and got into big time trouble. She had to go on a leash for the rest of the walk while I was able to roam out front. It was GOLDEN, baby! Mom says I shouldn't be like that, that poor Sadie can't help herself. Ha! Neither can I, Mom. 

I'm still on The Farmer's Dog diet. I love, love, love it! I'm feeling a lot better, too. I have a lot more energy. I really like it when Mom fries an egg and puts it on top. I know I'll be getting a lot of exercise that day when an egg happens.  

So everything is okee-dokee here. We're just busy. Oh! And did I mention the deer? There are deer everywhere! Mom counted and the herd is at eleven right now. I don't count. I just run them out of the yard. And the fox got hit by a car. I didn't see it, but Mom said it was pretty smushed. It's a lot quieter at night now. Loki goes outside more, too. I mean, he knew when the fox was too close and he stayed inside. 

It's almost my bedtime, so that's all for now! 

I'm Deuce and I'm helping Mom and Dad this spring! 

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