Wednesday, June 14, 2023

I'm not sure about this "garden" thing

It rained all day Monday, and then it rained again this morning - and Mom was happy about it. I wasn't, not at all. Rain means little Deucie - that's ME - doesn't get to go for a walk. Apparently what is good for the garden is not good for me. 

And what is the big deal about the garden? I was out there with Mom not an hour ago and there is nothing in the garden for ME to eat. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Mom offered me a sugar snap pea and it was foul!  

Then, to top off that insult, Mom went on Twitter, said she'd found an odd tomato in the garden and posted a picture of ME!!!! 

Is this Deuce abuse? It sort of feels like it. Why can't Mom and Dad grow me a cow? Steak comes from a cow and I like steak. How difficult can it be? No, Mom grows green plants that even Dad isn't fond of. We need to gang up on her. What the hell is Purslane, anyway? That stuff excites her. She breaks off leaves and eats them on the spot. It doesn't smell good to me. 

I'm the Number One Dog around here, but you wouldn't know it by what growing in the garden. 

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