Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A long ride in my van

I like it when Mom gets an idea! Well, to be fair, she had this idea a while ago, but she called the plant place today and they had a dwarf blueberry bush that she says is "just the ticket." Whatever that means. 

Road trip! That's what it meant! 

We loaded Dad in the van. I sat in the back and Mom drove. Our first stop was the car wash. Now that is sort of freaky, but Mom and Dad weren't scared so neither was little Deucie. I'm smart. I know when the parents aren't concerned, I don't have to be. It's an energy thing. 

After the car wash, we went to the sub shop. Yum! Dad got a steamer sub and that a good thing for me. I like steamer sub. Mom got her usual ham and cheese. That's pretty good, too, but I don't get much of that because of the onions and hot peppers. 

When we left the sub shop, we didn't head home. We went down to the nursery instead and Mom got a blueberry bush. She's happy but she told me I can never ever never pee-pee on this bush. Well, that's no fun at all, is it? 

At least I got to go for a long ride. And we'll see just what I pee-pee on. Boy dog. That's my thing when I'm outside. Watch me.

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