Thursday, December 28, 2023

We had a lot going on!

Mom was going to blog for me first thing this morning, but her computer did something really wonky. She was not happy. She got all these messages about a recovery assist and stuff - she really wasn't happy. Finally, after about two hours, the computer came back to life. Mom spent the day making sure she had all her documents, pictures, music, and videos backed up instead of being with me. 

I don't like computers. Then again, Mom made sure all the pictures of me were safe, so maybe I'll think about that a bit more. 

It seems like we get really busy sometimes. I was on guard duty a lot in December. Mom and Dad went up to Aunt Donna's and I watched the house. Twice! And Mom left me in charge when she went and had lunch with her friends a couple of times. I like being home with Dad. It's like the good old days when Mom worked. I get a lot of snackies when Mom isn't here. 

And then Dad got sick. That wasn't any fun at all. He coughed a lot and slept in his chair. And his stomach was so upset he didn't want to eat and me and Mom didn't like that. He's better now.

I got to ride along with Mom to the landfill twice, but I couldn't go with her when the pickup got an oil change. Dogs aren't allowed at the garage. Then on Christmas Eve we took a drive to see the Christmas lights. That was okay, I guess. Mom was disappointed because there wasn't very many, but I was happy I DID NOT see a blow-up Santa on a roof. That would give a good dog chills! 

Mom worked in the woodyard when the days were warm. I love being outside when she's doing that! I can sniff everything! Well, not the skunk. I hope I don't ever run into him, but I could tell a lot of deer were hanging around the woodpiles. 

I helped Mom work on two stories, too. She doesn't know it, but I really don't help. I nap on the bed where I can keep an eye on her while she works. She has this bad habit of sneaking out the sunroom door without me, so I have to be alert. I'm on to her tricks.  

Mom roasted a turkey for Christmas dinner. Yum!! I love giblets! I saw blue foil in the fridge and I know that means ham in a few days. Ham is good, too. Oh, and we had steak one night! Super yummy!!

Mom and Dad say this year is about over. I'll be eight soon. But you know what? The only time that matters is the time today, right now. So I just try to live in the moment and remember not to bite anyone, or bark in Mom or Dad's ears. I've always been pretty smart that way. 

New Year's Eve is coming and there's talk about a big ball again. Maybe it'll be better than the ball last year. That was a real bust. How's a good dog supposed to play with that thing? 

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