Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I want hazard pay!!!

It's a new year and the same old Sadie. 

Yep. Mom and Dad doggy-sat Sadie the Heathen again today. Did they consult with me first? Nooooo. They most certainly did not. 

It was pretty obvious Sadie was having a bad day. She wouldn't listen to Mom at all, and she usually does. When Mom says, "SIT," she means the dog's butt should hit the floor. I know it. Sadie knows it, too. But today Sadie ignored Mom. 

Mom tried to take her picture, but they all came out looking like a demon dog, which was accurate for today. 

Sadie followed Mom downstairs to the den, which is a big no-no. Loki's litter box is down there and it's off-limits to canines. Then Sadie made a grab for Loki's feeder, also a big no-no. It's a good thing Loki wasn't there when she did that. He's not one to mess around with when he's pissed off. 

Oops. I'm not supposed to say that. When he's annoyed. Don't mess with Loki when he's annoyed. 

Cousin Dave wasn't gone all that long, I'm happy to say. Things got back to normal after they left and I finally got my morning nap. 

I'm going to ask Mom and Dad for hazard pay. I want ten extra biscuits this evening. I'll be counting! 

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