Saturday, January 20, 2024

I'm a little worried

It snowed yesterday - a lot! I didn't like going outside to do my, you know, "outside activities" because Mom didn't go with me. She told me I was a big dog and I shouldn't need someone to hold my paw when I have to pee-pee. 

That's not the point! 

I need someone to go along and tell me I'm a good boy!!!!

It snowed all day. Mom and Dad just hung out inside. The good news there is I got eggs for breakfast and a bit of spaghetti for an after-dinner snack. 

Snow can be a lot of fun, but what if Mom doesn't take me for a walk? What if she doesn't take pictures of me playing in the snow? Does being eight mean you worry more about stuff? 

I'm a little worried being eight will change things. I mean, Mom got me SENIOR dog food for some of my snackies. SENIOR!! It's crappy, too. I don't like it much. 

And then there are those chewies for my joints. Flavored my black ass! Nasty flavored is what they are. And I know Mom is going to make me eat all of them. 

We're going to be outside in the snow a lot today. Or at least Mom is. I have to be careful not to let her know my paws are cold or she'll make me go back inside with Dad. I won't like that because I need to keep an eye on her when she's on the John Deere 1023 tractor. 

Maybe I can convince Mom to do a little walk around the yard to get pictures of me and then I can go inside with Dad. We can watch Mom through the window. 

Yeah, I think that's the plan. 

I think being eight means I'm more of an independent thinker, but then again, I worry about stuff a lot more. 

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