Thursday, March 7, 2024

I impressed my vet!

Mom and I have had a time of it this past month. Dad was in the hospital and poor little Deucie had to spend some time alone. I did not like this. Now Dad is in for some needed rehab and I'm still being left alone! But Mom has a plan!

Mom tries to make it up to me every evening. I get treats. I get brushed. Mom feels guilty she has to leave me alone but I know she has to keep watch over Dad to make sure he's getting what he needs. 

As luck would have it, my annual checkup was this morning. I was born in January, so my checkups happen in March. I have a new vet and I think I like her. She scratched my belly so maybe I'm in love! 

I checked out A-Okay! Ears, eyes, teeth = all good. She used a flea comb on me and didn't find a single "hitchhiker." That's because I do not have fleas. If I had fleas I couldn't sleep on the bed with Mom, so I do not have fleas! 

The vet said I weighed ninety-three pounds and then she felt my sides and was impressed by my muscles. She should be. I'm an athlete! Just ask the local deer have fast I can run. Mom told her that walking season is here so those extra three pounds will go away, but the vet said not to worry. I'm a tall country boy with lots of muscles so it's okay if I'm a bit over the breed standard weight. My vet has some common sense! She knows it's almost walking season and I'll lose those pesky winter pounds.

My new vet also signed a paper to certify I've had all my shots and I'm healthy. That piece of paper will get me in to see Dad and that's a good thing! I miss Dad and Mom says he misses me, too. So Mom will take me to see him and he'll be home before we know it. I can't wait! 

After all, Dad spoils me with more biscuits than Mom does. 

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