Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday morning with Mom

It's been awhile since I've had time to blog. Mom's been really busy. Her mom fell and is in the hospital. Whatever this Alzheimer's Disease is, it makes Mom sad so I do not like it. 

Mom was up early this morning. It was my fault. I was awake and bored so I nudged at her until she got up. I guess I should not have done that. Anyway, it happened and it might have been a good thing. 

This huge flock of blackbirds landed in the trees out back. They were soooo noisy. I barked and barked but they wouldn't shut up! Mom was annoyed and told me about how when she first moved here the blackbirds were a real problem. In fact, the old empty shotgun casings I find were left here in 1981 when Uncle Dick had to come and fire the shotgun to chase the birds away. Mom remembers that so she put a bullet in the little .22 and fired a shot. Those nasty birds took off! Mom's the boss, you know. 

Dad got up after that happened and they watched some of the cooking shows. Boring. In fact, I got so bored I hopped up on the loveseat with Mom and made her pay attention to me. Dad took our picture, which I don't think Mom liked because her hair was all messy. 

Mom told me to get off her lap. She says I weigh a ton but I know better. It's only seventy-five pounds, not two thousand. I asked nicely if I really had to get down so Mom relented and allowed me to stay on her lap until she finished her coffee. Then she took me outside and we played ball until she got cold. Dad took me out and we played Frisbee and I found his old Bluetooth earpiece that he lost last summer. He was happy and told me what a good boy I am.

Of course, I already knew that. I'm Deuce! 

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