Friday, June 9, 2017

Not your typical Friday night

I had a big day! It wasn't my typical Friday. Mom started the day off by taking me for a longer than normal walk. I got to take my ball along so we played ball while we walked. Then Dad did the mowing so I had a nice afternoon nap on the bed.

As soon as Mom got home, we turned around and went back to town - and Sonic! I have really good puppy parents. They got me a plain hamburger - no ketchup or other things that might upset my system. It was really good! For the record, I'll eat a hamburger whenever I can get one. What's not to like about meat?

Dad took the long way home and I got bored so I lay down instead of watching out the window. Back home, after we all got out of the pickup, Mom and Dad took me for another walk. I really like it when we go as a family. We don't do that often enough. Mom says it's her fault because she's bushed when she gets home from work. She always plays ball or Frisbee with me, though. Between both Mom and Dad, I get a lot of play time which keeps me svelte. 

But I think Mom tossed a little shade my way. She put an old sheet down over the bedspread because I drop fur on the bed. Hmmmm. I thought Mom loved my shiny black fur. What gives, Mom?

I'm Deuce. I'm a Lab and shedding is what we do. 

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