Sunday, December 9, 2018

Really, Mom?

It's gotten really cold outside, so cold that Mom can't go out without a coat. I have to stand at the door and wait for her until she's got on a coat and gloves. I hate to wait!

Cold weather cuts into my walk time, too. My paws are pretty tough but the ground is freezing. Mom knows this and she pays attention. I must do something that signals her my tootsies have had enough because she seems to know just the right moment to turn around and head home. We had a dusting of snow the other morning. That was really cold on my paws but I liked it. 

Mom and I get bored when it's cold outside. We were out of bed at our usual time and I went out by myself to tinkle. That's all good. But Mom won't take a cup of coffee to the porch or patio when it's this cold. I sit at the door in Mom's office and look out, but it's not the same as being outside and able to smell the breeze. Plus, that skanky Loki comes pussy-footing along and sits beside me. He doesn't help me keep an eye on the neighborhood. He's too busy washing his paws to be of any use. 

This morning, Mom set the jar of Grillers on her desk. I love Grillers! They're the best!  Anyway, she gave me a few bites - she always breaks them into pieces so I get to taste them - and then she closed the jar. But I could see it. I could see there were more Grillers inside! So I sniffed the jar and do you know what she did? She took my picture. Mom set me up!

Really, Mom? I'm Deuce and I know what you did. We can be friends again if you give me another Griller. 

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