Thursday, November 28, 2019

It's Thanksgiving Day again

I love Thanksgiving! Giblets! And even more giblets! Mom cooks them special for ME! They are all mine because Mom and Dad don't eat them. They share the dark turkey meat, too. It's really good to be me on Thanksgiving. 

Mom says she's thankful for me and Dad. And for Loki, but...why? Oh, yeah. He caught a mouse inside the house. Big deal. Mom is staring at me, so okay. Loki is a good kitty. I'm thankful he caught the mouse, but I'm really thankful for Mom and Dad and GIBLETS!

It's really windy today. It started last night and I didn't like it much. I went outside around ten-thirty last night, just before bedtime, and it about blew me over. I had to keep all four paws on the ground 
and that's sort of rough on a guy when he 
has to.. you know, pee. When Mom 
and I got up this morning, 
there was a big limb down across the driveway. 

I like sticks. I can pick them up and carry them to wherever Mom or Dad points. It's good that I can help them out. They don't make me do it, you understand. Sticks can be fun. 

Anyway, Mom and I walked out to check out the stick, and you know what? It's pretty big. Mom said we'd go around the yard tomorrow, after the wind gusts stop, and pick up everything. I think that's a good idea because this one is just too big for lil' ol' me. 

It's not that I'm wimpy, but a guy has to know his limitations. 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day. Remember, it's good to be the pack, so be nice to your humans. Some of them need a little more understanding than others. 

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