Saturday, November 30, 2019

Mom said Loki is weather-smart

Mom says Loki is a smart cat. I would disagree, but Mom might be right about this one. Loki went outside with me this morning, around six o'clock (Mom told me the time). Usually, he'll go sit on the picnic table and keep an eye on the squirrels. It's a sunny spot and off the ground, so he's pretty safe there. Anyway, today he came back inside with me after I did my outside activities. When Mom and I went to her office, he followed us. 

Loki slept in the chair all day. Mom said twelve hours (Mom's the timekeeper, not me). I agreed with Mom when she said he's a lazy cat. When Mom checked the weather on her phone, she looked at me and said, "that explains it." 

Well, I'm Deuce. I'm pretty smart, but I was puzzled. Explains what, exactly? Why Loki is lazy? I mean, shouldn't he be out looking for mice or moles? Or squirrels?

Mom says cats have a weather sense. We might get a wintry mix tonight. Cats seem to know when bad weather is coming and they just hunker down and sleep. She said she should have recognized the signs. 

Huh. Who would have thought Loki was smart enough to get an entry on my blog, much less give clues about the weather? 

I'll have to keep a closer eye on that cat...

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