Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My paws got wet

It snowed last night! Mom said a bad word when she looked out the window this morning and saw snow on the ground. I pretended not to hear it, but I did. The good news is Mom took me outside and I got to run all over the place and she didn't make me hurry. She was taking snow pictures.

Mom said Auntie Roxy jinxed us. Auntie Roxie asked Mom last night if we were to get snow and Mom said she hadn't seen that on her weather app.  Come to think of it, Mom actually snickered at the idea of snow. I bet that's why Mom said the bad word. She was surprised. 

There wasn't much snow. It didn't cover the lane or even all the grass, but it was sure cold on my paws. I had fun, though. I ran up and down, sniffing where the deer had been. 

Even Loki ran through the snow. I bet he won't do that when there are six inches of the white stuff on the ground. He's a little guy. Plus, cats are wimpy in the snow. 

I'm glad I'm not a deer. I got to sleep on a nice warm bed while the snow was falling. The critters have to sleep on the cold ground and get wet. 

You know, maybe I shouldn't whine about my paws getting wet this morning. I have it pretty good. I have a pack, a safe place to sleep, and I get things to eat like turkey giblets. 

I'm Deuce, and I'm really a lucky dog. 


  1. *gasp*! Deuce, don't listen to your mom, she says a lot of things. Well, okay, listen to her most of the time. Except when she says I jinx things LOL! I mean, I don't have any connections with Mother Nature or anything. I wish I did, though!

  2. Mom was making a joke, Auntie Roxy. She was laughing and feeding me a Griller when she told me that. And I listen to Mom about everything. I'm a good dog!