Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I think I've been insulted

Mom and I got up early today and went for a little hike back the old homestead trail. I was sooooo glad to get out and go. Mom is still having trouble with her hip - it's been like ten weeks now - but she gets better every day. She said it didn't hurt at all after our hike so we might be able to go again tomorrow.

But I digress...

It was a really nice morning with the sunlight filtering through the trees and it was cool so there were, like, no bugs hovering around my face. I liked that part a lot. 

Mom had some work to do in her garden, so we didn't play around in the creeks. We did our walk and came home. 

Oh! And we did see Cousin Sadie on the way back. She did her normal crazed jumping at me, but then she sat down and behaved. I was pretty happy about that. She's not a bad dog, she's just young. She'll learn. 

But I'm digressing again...

I didn't know until just now Mom took a picture of my rump. She told me that the most frequent view she has of me when we go on a walk unless she has a snackie in her hand. It's not that I'm being a bad dog, but she knows I like to lead the way. 

But really, Mom! A picture of my butt? That is not my best side! 

I just wish she'd keep up with me! 

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