Sunday, November 20, 2022

I'm a history expert!

It's Sunday, and we try to take it easy on Sundays. Mom and Dad might do a chore if it's really important, or it would be bad if they put it off, but typically we're sort of lazy on Sunday. But today, Mom and Dad decided to take a drive to the Antietam Battlefield, and I got to go along! 

Dad says we live in the middle of a lot of Civil War history. We saw the Burnside Bridge, the Sherrick house, the Otto house, and Bloody Lane. There were a lot of monuments along the roads, too. We stopped and looked at some of them. The parents want to go back with some maps they want to make from Google Earth. They like to do that. They like to have a bird's eye view. 

Personally, I like to have the little Deucie view, but that's difficult when I'm in the back of Dad's van. I can't really see out too well. 

It was still fun to be out and about with the folks. I wanted to get out of the van, but Mom said no. I told her I had no way to prove to my followers and Loki that I was really there, and Mom said she had it covered. She'd Photoshop me in at Bloody Lane. And she did! I feel like I was really there! 

I'm Deuce, and I'm now an expert on the Antietam Battlefield! 

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